By: hazira hamzah

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Saturday, 26-Sep-2009 09:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dari Jauh Kami Pohon Maaf..

This is our fourth raya di 'perantauan' ( probably the seventh for me )...and this is our first raya without Tok Wan Afia around. Definately Tok Wan is having wonderful time with families back home.

It is unbeliavable, but true I finally manage to reason my mind in cooking nasi dagang for the first day of Eid. Definately because we missed Tok Wan Afia so much, and we are craving badly on her nasi dagang, and to wait for another year (probably) for Tok Wan to come, its totally unacceptable. So i gained my strength and FINALLY, called my mum for the recipe.

My sister and I was never to keen on cooking the dish. Probably because, it is Mama's specility, mama's trademark to cook it on first raya, so we just allowed ourselve to be mama's assisstants. We did take most of other recipes from Mama, but when it comes to nasi dagang, we quickly turned the pages and pretend it doesnt exist in the book. We never once asked mama on the procedures. And even if mama said about the recipe while cooking it, it will just easily enter our ears and dissolve in our head

Mama has never urged us to learn as well Thats probably because mama knew it would only waste her time trying to melt our stubborness on cooking the dish However, on the 20th of September 2009, Nasi Dagang has became our dish for the first syawal. It was definately something some historical , i have jotted it down in my diary ..i finally cooked NASI DAGANG with 2 different curries, and sambal ikan. Wut a year!!

We went with blue theme this year, and honestly, this is also our first raya going on theme Thanks for Mama and Abah for sponsouring us beautiful baju raya, and yana for sending the beautiful scarf that match eligantly with my baju kurung. Afia's baju raya was definately lovely. She got two this year, a blue and a rosie pink.

As usual raya in Manchester was colourful with remarkably many open houses. This year we didnt open our house on the first raya, because my lack of confidence on the nasi dagang trial However, there are still friends who kindly come to judge the 'trial'

Thursday, 10-Sep-2009 04:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
She is FOUR!!

Four years ago today, at about 6.20am, in North Manchester General Hospital, i was in pain. The pain was unbearable, undescribable. The vision was quite vague, but i remembered clearly how anxious my hubby and both of my parents were.

The doctors whispered to me that i have to be operated soon as there is some complication with my blood pressure. oh yeah..doc, what ever you have to do, just do it, take away this pain, please, thats all i could reply back in my heart.I was pushed slowly to the theatre. In there i was put on full anasthathetic. They put on some kind of cooled gel on my tummy, it felt really really cold. They pull up the small curtain to avoid me looking at what ever they are doing down there My hubby was with me, and held his hand close. I felt as if they were washing and wiping my tummy, it doesnt feel painful at all. And suddenly..

There she is, the little one that was in my tummy, and now brought outside finally. I looked at the clocked on the wall and it showed the time of 6.20 am...there was no more pain..i couldnt wait to see her, as the nurses rush to put her in the tiny bed

I finally had a chance to hold my was a wonderful feeling no one can describe. I cant believe i am officially a mum...and now..its already four years later..i still cant believe i am a mum..yerp a mum to a cheeky little 'cumumu' Ibu

Being too busy these days, Ibu still try to do a special entry for you on yr day So i have updates the fotopages, and also my facebook May you have wonderful years ahead of you, full with blessing from ALLAH. Ibu and Papa loves you so much . HAPPY BIRTHDAY AFIA ZIA NUHA

Saturday, 1-Aug-2009 14:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bright Summer in Brighton, West Sussex

This year's summer we' ve decided to go down south to Hastings and Brighton in West Sussex. Both Hastings and Brighton are two towns nearby the seaside. Obviously, southern England is hotter than Manchester- as in where we reside. So as days are mostly rains and grey in Manchester, we taught we could bright up the start of our summer down south

We went there with Kamilah and family and also No'on.Once again we stayed in a caravan in Hasting. Hasting is small seaside town about an hour drive from Brighton. The caravan is a self catering caravan, in a fully equipped caravan park with good facilities and entertainment. Sangat spacious and cosy

We also stopped by to outstanding beauty of Seven Sisters. Memang sangat cantik tempat ni.

The Seven Sisters cliffs are made of chalk that formed where the South Downs meet the sea. The rocky shore platform gently slopes away from the cliff. The beach is actually full with rusty-looking look-alike stone..the stony beach so we called But this place is very very windy. Tengok je lah gambar rambut Afia and her papa - flying all around - macam iklan shampoo

Afia loves the wind and the waves, menjerit-jerit jer suara dia - loving the wind and the waves And Ali (Kamilah and Mahzan's son) sibuk collect batu-batu kecik

Picture below is the city of Brighton Guess what time is the picture taken???
It is almost 8.30pm..yerp its summer and the sun goes down at about 10

In Brighton there's the Brighton Pier. Brighton pier housed all of the amusement arcade and fairground rides including several thrill rides, children's rides and roller coasters. We've just not so into all the rides that day, so what we did was just strolling along the Pier, enjoying the evening sun and lovely weather and snapped lots of piccas

Below picture is where we took at the Brighton Royal Pavillion. This beautiful palace is heavily influenced by Indian appearance on the outside. Sekali tengok it resembled designed The Great Taj Mahal in India. Unfortunately for us, during our visit, half of this palace is under renovation, therefore we do not get to take many pictures with it. Anyway, we are happy enough to get a chance to see the magnificient pavillion.

We have lots of fun enjoying warm and sunny weather - and wonderful time ber 'caravan'

Sebab tengah 'mabuk' cerita Boys Before Flower - the songs from their soundtrack will be included in this entry

Wednesday, 29-Jul-2009 14:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Aktiviti Rempit

Aktiviti mat dan minah rempit. As it is in a day light , instead of the daring 'pelumba malam' i called us ' pelumba siang di litar lumba cinonet'

Both of the mat rempit - are they in style?

What about the two minah rempit???brutal?? nahhh..too girlie.

Brutal camno kalu dah posing pun happy sakan siap tunjuk piece lagi

Sorang minah rempit tu - pakai baju pun match ngan car and helmet

Thursday, 11-Jun-2009 19:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Story Of 2A

When i was 4, i had a friend called Shariff. He was my neighbour. According to my mum, he was quiet and shy, and i was on the opposite I remembered having a photo with him, when i was holding his hand while laughing and he was smiling sheepishly and looking very shy... . Category budak kecik 'daring' ler diriku gamaknya dedulu

Looking Afia's and A'adiyat's photos reminded me of my childhood friend. I wonder where he is now..

This is the first photo of Afia and A'adiyat I actually knew A'adiyat since he was a fetus in his mama's tummy Mama A'diyat, Ja and my self were housemates before we got married. Ja got married first, and immediately conceived with A'adiyat. One year later, i got married, and also following ja's footstep by getting pregnant immediate. Afia was then born in 2005, a year after A'adiyat.

Four years later in the friendship, this is what they have grown up to be - a girl and a boy

Nak ambik gambar Afia dan A'adiyat sekarang bukannya sesenang dahulu. Both tried hard to avoid camera Its probably at this age, they've turned out to be 'not-camera-friendly' However, that fine evening, when A'adiyat and family came to our house, the two children started playing with each other.

Not long after, we heard laughs, giggles and voices. They were playing spin the chair. Afia was in on the chair, while A'adiyat was running while spinning the chair

i quickly taught it would be a nice memory to capture both of them under a very joyful mood. Luckily for me, i managed to capture, lots of memorable photos between them, that perhaps one day, when they grow up, would put a wide smile on their faces while looking at these photos.

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