By: hazira hamzah

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Sunday, 31-May-2009 10:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Ah!I see yellow...

Was it since i watched one of Shah Rukh Khan movie co starred Kajol, i began to dream that i would one day be in the farm full with yellow flower???..

Sounded so hindustani eh.. .

Anyway dreams do come true Yerp, i finally found a farm of yellow rapeseed flower , with an easy access to take photos in what else to wait eh??

The yellow flower is what they called Rapeseed Flower. The small, yellow flowers form large rapeseed flower fields of yellow and green.This farm is in Ponterfract, Bradford, a place about an hour drive from Manchester.Rapeseed is originally grown for the production of rapseed oil. Therefore, entering the farm we could definately sense distinctive and pungent smell Walaupun baunya tidak berapa menyenangkan, because of how scenic the scenery is, i cannot resist stopping to take photographs of this beautiful sight.

As the weather was fantastically sunny, we also planned for a picnic in the park. The closest park to the farm was Lister Park. We went there with 4 other families ; Ima's family, Ty's family, Sya's family, No'on the lone ranger..hehe and Fizah's family (also included Din's bro and his family who has just arrived from Malaysia..kesian jetlag pun kena heret ikut kami )

We brought in lots of food, found a nice spot near the small lake, sat there and enjoy the lovely afternoon. Kids were running around happily, and adults were busy taking photos

Below photos were all the special couples on this trip How do you think we feel when we look at this collage 20 years from now eh??

Ah..i see yellow..and they are so beautiful

Thursday, 23-Apr-2009 23:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Meeting The Stars (London-Part 2)

I wouldn't want to write much for this entry.Enough saying that i had fab time meeting with the hollywood celebs, being guest stars in John Ross show, being interviewed by Jim Carey, meeting the bollywood stars and even got to 'ramah mesra' with the UK royalty..oh and not to mention buddies with Barrack Obama What more can i say.. ;-)Ohhhh..i dont can be pretty fascinating when we least expected from it..

Madame Tussauds is a famous wax museum in London with branches in a number of major cities. wax figures at Tussauds include historical and royal figures, film stars, sports stars and famous murderers. Making wax figures take hundred hours of painstaking moulding, measuring, painting and sculpting goes into making each figure.All of the wax is in the actual measurement and size of the actual celebrities

Wednesday, 22-Apr-2009 08:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Easter Get-Away - The Capital (Part 1)

During the easter weekend holiday we visited the Capital -London. We went there with Ima and Family,No'on and also Ima's friend who came for a holiday - Ann and hubby

My idea of coming to London was not actually to shop Honestly i think, most shops on Oxford Street London, are all in Manchester, well, probably there are some which are not, but, still shopping was not the main reason for me visiting the capital. But anyhow, we still went to Oxford Street, i was actually liked going in and out the London gift shops-was actually looking for some London T-shirt, but nope, didnt find any suitable one Oh and London Tie Rack was a bit different than Manchester, as it has 'sometimes' tudung that i liked - and i was lucky that day to catch one last one of my favourite tudung. Thanks to Ima for having the 'hawk eyes'

Another favourite place of mine in London is the Camden Town. This town is 'ala-ala' Petaling Street. They have lots of leather stuff, gothic rock t-shirt and staff (hubby loves it ), and we could also spotted Malaysian Chinese working as a sales person or selling food. and we did catch one - we bought nice pancakes from them

I once spotted an entry on one of the fotopages last year, showing beautiful tulips at Holland Park during spring, tehrefore this year we went to hunt for the park. I am not really a fan of flowers, but tulip is one flower i couldnt resist on looking. They are so unique, delicate and beautiful. I really fall in love with them. Its a shame i couldn't go to Keukenhoff in Armsterdam to watch tons of tulips, but insyaALLAH , one fine day Anyway, tulips at Holland Park, were not that massive, but, boleh-la We met Kamilah, Mahzan and their son, Ali there. They also came to London to fetch Kamilah's mum at the airport

Meeting my friends was the priority i came to London. We have lovely time meeting with them. We visited Wawa,Nazri and chumel Amsyar. We had our lunch yang sedap Wawa was my ex-housemate in our 'single-time' in Old Trafford dedulu Its a nice feeling to get together, catch up on things and remembering our good ol' days . We also visited Milah and family. I have not met her in ages. I have not seen both of her children. Therefore this meet, was very special. Milah is my Indonesian friend, i once met during a conference in Jakarta, about 8 years ago. Since then, we became good buddies Milah came for her PhD in Scotland, lucky for her, married a local Indian Muslim, and is residing here

We had our fab time in London

Wednesday, 22-Apr-2009 07:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
April Is Our Month

I remembered during 'tekel-menekel time' after telling 'ahmad sharizal' then, wasnt my bf yet about my birthdate, he told me that his was one day before mine -the 14th of April. I totally didnt believe him, ingatkan saja jual minyak . Bila 'mamat' dah tension minah tak percaya - mamat terus keluarkan IC . I was half believed when i saw he actually did born one day before me, that makes me an Aries like myself, and..erkk..would probably has the same personality

As time goes by, we were together as bf-gf, engaged and married, we celebrates our birthday together, either on the 13th, 14th or 15th For as long as we live, he wouldnt in a second would forget my birthday, and so am i..thats the good thing isn't it?

This year, as usual, we've received BIG ENVELOPE from families in Malaysia, for both birthday cards. Bagus jugak birthday dekat2 nie die orang kata, sekaligus jer bagi kad . We have chosen the 13th this year to have our birthday dinner, and we had it in RICE-one of our favourite restaurant

On the 14th of April, i did a birthday dinner for hubby (and also for mua ) Nasi Minyak with kurma daging and ayam masak merah On my special day pulak, i treat myself in the city, and Sharifah has kindly enough to 'belanja birthday' Thanks Sya!!

Another special thing happened for our birthday this year, was a 'treat' - makan besar in one of the Chinese HALAL restaurant in London. Kami telah dibelanja 'makan besar' by Wawa and Nazri. Food was amat-amat delicious. For £12 pound per head you can order anything on the menu not including water la..but lists of food on the menu were A LOT !!!! Uishhh..sampai sekarang teringat2 lagi restauran tu, terasa all of the food in my mouth That restaurant would definately be visited again by these Mancunian Thanks so much Wawa and Nazri. You definately made our birthday

Thursday, 9-Apr-2009 13:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Moms The Word - Mother's Day Edition

Mother's day in UK was celebrated on the 23rd of March 09, about 2 months earlier that moms in Malaysia . I dont actually know why UK decided to celebrate this day on a different date from the rest of the world Wanted to be different from others kut..knowing UK..hehe..Anyway, the day before, Afia has come back from her nursery bringing her hand made Mother's Day card .

On Mother's day, my friends and I decided to make special treat for us mommies - daddies would only be invited later of the day . Nurul was kind enough to be the host for the event. The special treat would be photoshoots between mommies and her children by our best 'photog' - Ima and Fizah In addition to that, Nurul has suggested that each mommy would by a gift and later a draw was held to select who's gift belonged to whose.

The idea was brilliant. We enjoyed ourselves fully that day, having wonderful theraphy, laughing and chatting all afternoon. The food was also massive. Each of us mommy brought food for the event, and it was a FULL TABLE!! Photog a.k.a cake chef Ima, baked us wonderful Mother's day cake

Cabutan untuk hadiah bermula. Semua berdebar And the results were Nurul dapat hadiah dari Ima, No'on dapat hadiah dari Nurul, Ty dapat hadiah dari No'on, Ja dapat hadiah dari Ty, Fizah dapat hadiah dari Ja, Nofri dapat hadiah dari Fizah, Myself dapat hadiah dari Nofri and Ima dapat hadiah dari Myself Fascinating isnt it?

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