By: hazira hamzah

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Sunday, 10-Feb-2008 02:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Soft White Flakes

Manchester - and to be more specific Cheetham Hill -our residency area - is probably one of the snow-proof area It is so really really hard for the snow to come and freely fall here. If only there was any, its probably just a slight shower-and by the time it reaches the ground-they melt instantly .Oddly, Manchester is in the North part of England- and cooler definately-and should get plenty of it - and in additional to that - our residence is named after a hill (Cant actually figure out why it is like that coz i didnt see any hills around here) One of my friend jokingly said that, they are too many people eating curries in Manchester therefore it is so hot and the snow are chased away Anyway, when the news about other places in UK have been heavily covered by snow - we probably could only see drops of snow, passing by through wind Last year, there was none and personally i was a frustrated.Hey, called me a 'snow jakun' - but its probably the only obvious thing that Malaysia would never had- so coming here and staying in a snow-proof area is just sooo sooo heart-breaking

However, last week, Saturday the 2nd of February 08 marked the event of the soft white flakes from the sky, namely snow falls QUITE heavily at our place - finally *sigh* . Therefore all of the photos showed in this entry is not, and i STRESS NOT A SUPER-IMPOSE photos . It was about 9.30 am in the morning, and Afia has just woke up and had her breakfast - and when it happened-Rizal quickly helped me to dress Afia and himself and we rushed out to catch the event - without even realising - he just quickly snatched his CAP instead of his SNOWCAP Nak kejar snow punyer pasal . Afia was really excited when the soft flakes embraced her skin

Later that morning, we went to Heaton Park for a quick pose with the snow.Ja and Aadiyat followed us too, but too bad Ja's hubby Shah couldnt be with us as he has to work overtime - or else it would probably be more massive snow fights We were not so impressed with the snow at Heaton Park - the ground was not fully covered with snow, we could see patches of grounds here and there - BUT hey - bersyukur lah - at least ada gak snow

We located an area where the snow was quite thick, and Aadiyat just couldnt wait to come out from the car. He really enjoy running - throwing snow balls at us - crashing on the snow HOWEVER, it is a different story with Afia . For a start - she DOESN'T want to wear her gloves.She took it out and throw it away - we managed to struggle it back on her -BUT only for a second, the gloves lied on the ground again

Then, she is reluctant to step her feet on the ground - she laughed and giggle but insist of us to carry her around - There are some photos showing her moody expression - It took us AGES to persuade her to come to the ground - and when she finally did - she doesnt want to be photographed and just turn her face away everytime the camera was on her Afia's probably not a snow fan like her parents

Her 'riang ria' mood emerged again after probably an hour of being there - well - Ja had difficult time of settling Aadiyat on camera too as he was running around -throwing snow at everybody Anyway, we've got some beautiful photographs - and had a good time - and aboout 12.30 in the afternoon, the sun came out, and melted away the snow. A friend of mine send photographs of her in Japan and called them 'Me on the White Carpet' - but i think - in our area - its probably too much to be addressed as a carpet . White 'tikar mengkuang' is probably more suitable coz it is so thinly covered . Cheers all!!

Saturday, 26-Jan-2008 16:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Strictly Come Dancing

'Strictly Come Dancing' is a dancing show featuring celebrities with professional dance partners competing on the dance floor. I have read in the paper, dekat TV Mesia pun ada similar show to this called,- Juara Sehati Berdansa ?? However, the format has changed slightly as the dancers are celebrity couples-husbands and wives - nak tiru bulat2 mana bulih - bukan muhrim -

So to say many other show that aired in Malaysian TV copied show here or maybe in other part of the world as well - to name a few - MENTOR copy X-Factor, A cooking game aired in TV 8 or 9 copied Ready Steady Cook.. I guess maybe all this while pun TV kiter banyak cedok idea TV luar gak.. and kalu i didnt live in UK i would never had known Anyway back to the photos ; these are my two favourite contestants In 20 years time, if there is a show 'Berdansa Anak-Ayah' - leh tak contestant nie join agaknya??

Below nie pulak, photo yang agak basi ..being taken during recent christmas party in December at Afia's nursery, kununnya nak amik lah gambar banyak2 with the santa - but Afia turn out to be cry baby when she is with santa. So dah jadi no mood to take photos with everybody - i guess in her eyes santa is a big beard man with scary face

Monday, 14-Jan-2008 17:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Absolute Wannabe!!

Can this little wannabe challenge the iconic faces like Kate, Gisele, Carolyn and Natalia? Or..will brands like Prada, Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Calvin Klein, Estee Lauder, Lancome and Maybelline provide the platform that makes her stars of models??? Her Ibu has got to wake up from this ridicilous day dreaming

Inspired by what filla did with her Kasih in her fotopages on the entry called NEXT TOP sajer testing 'model shot' jugak on Afia . Thought it would turn into a mess, coz it is so difficult to capture her very best sekarang nie, but surprisingly, it turns out excellento!!! Afia is giving her full cooperation - giggling girlishly while my camera was on her she did what i ask her to do what Tyra Banks used to say to her models
"You do not need any extra frames as all the frames was shot nicely" So lets take a peek at Afia's shots

However, every 'top model' will loose her mood in posing at some point,and so does this lilttle girl. After 15-20 minutes of well-supportive behaviour, she suddenly been washed by ' angin sepoi2 monsoon'.. suddenly turn sour, and no more looking at the camera, she sat lazily on the couch , ignoring me at all, obsessing playing with her 'best friend' - the fitz dolly- that she used to carry around 24-7 except when bathing

Anyway, in this entry we would like to wish belated birthday to my sister's daughter on her 6th birthday last week. She is another one of top model wannabe . One of the photos was taken by one of the talent search photographer. He spotted her with my sister while they were doing some shopping at the one of the mall. He was looking for a new talent, and he invited her instantly to do some photo shots Apa lagi, dah 'wannabe' kan..berposing sakan lah cek mek nie I remember when she was 3 , she told my sister that she does not like dolls as she thinks she is most beautiful than dolls . It is so hilarious with kids and their stories. I also would like to wish HAPPY MAAL HIJRAH to everybody, it is not to late for the wish, i hope. Semoga penghijarahan kali ini membawa seribu keberkatan

Do you think they've got what it takes to be NEXT TOP MODEL???

Tuesday, 1-Jan-2008 10:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark

As the final seconds ticks away yesterday, i am very sure that many many people in world become introspective. Introspection is actually an important tools for remaking ourselves thus later would turn to thoughts of self-improvement and the annually - making - resolutions. I'm pretty sure most people are just doing it for the sake of new year - and 'those things' are not done yet - but as new year past to few months or even few weeks , those resolutions probably be the 'new resolutions fro next year ' (hey, but there are people who is obligated to their resolutions, BRAVO fot them)

As for me - I love saying HAPPY NEW YEAR - it reminded me of my age and also sometimes brings me down to the memory lane (dont actually know why it works that way ). I am actually a person who loves planning. Every new year, i would definately shop for new fillings to insert in my planner, inserting the fillers somehow give me sort of a really fresh start - looking at those blank filling - 'gatal' tangan so much to scribble what to do the next and following days - i could probably be categorized myself as 'human-without plan in the planner would-crumble'

But somehow, with me loving on planning - i never believe in new year resolutions. It never works on me - i probably:
1. Do not believe i could change to be better
2. I am prone to self-blame and excuse making
3. I am too much of wishful thinking and did not concentrate on result
4.I maybe just making the resolution without understanding why the resolution is important

Above all this i just truly hope that 2008 would be a splendid year for my family and i in every angle of life - and that my wishes come true ( these are wishes not resolutions therefore i am not obligated to wishes - i will try to fulfill those wishes and hope to achieve it with GOD's bless ) This will probably make me a person who loves planning - hate resolutions - long for wishes and dreams. Does this make sense??

Afia will turn 3 in year 2008 - though September is a long long way to go - this little missy emerges with amazing 'skills' each day - . For instance, yesterday i brought afia for some groceries shopping with a friend of mine - Ja and her son A'adiyat - Afia is actually laughing-giggling herself out on the trolley - really enjoying herself - BUT - when i bring out the camera - and A'adiyat is ever-so ready to be snapped - Afia makes a sour face- roll her eyes-and get bored - They just work their way arent they

Wednesday, 12-Dec-2007 17:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
One Long Silence Month

Pergh its actually been a month since i updated afia's fotopages. I am actually always been ever so lasting busy, but this month since Tok Wan Afia return home, that busy has turned into ridicilously moody-lazy-busy- an awful syndrome, if one inherit it, would definately suffered severe emo-mental unstability.. even the greyish weather outside is brighter than the weather inside my mind and soul (chewaaahhhh..hihihihi)

Above piccas gambar lama afia, time die tengah obsess with her hobby in looking at OK and HELLO magazine. This piccas were actually taken last 3 months, when the weather outside is still warm and sunny and brighter and smily - thats why afia was only covered with a layer cloth. Obviuosly now, if afia wears the same way, she probably ends up being an ice girl And surprising now, this lust for magazine has dimmed off - puff gone like the hot and shiny weather

What has we been up to this November?? Nothing much to be honest, merely just straightening up crook-swaying-self emotional..hehehe..oh ya, the 26th of November was MY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY - the 3rd year of fascinating life with hubby. And now come December - frosty long december - kul 4 dah maghrib and kul 8.30 pagi baru matahari naik - these few days, the weather is very cold it gets to frosty nights where the temperature is below 0. At day time, the temperature is probably about 2-3C - freezing more than the freezer

Looking at these photos below, i want to tell a story about a 2 year old young lady who is always control cun and cute infront of the camera. Few minutes after that, this control cun young lady - became uncontrollable Searching anxiously of something Then when she got hold of that something, she will actually put it quickly in her mouth and and the other..oooohhh yessssssssss..she got two of them, the other 'gentel-gentelan di hidung' ..Without 2 dummies, this young lady cannot go to sleep

Ibu really has to work hard taking these photos as this young lady is really a beauty concious person one..ekeke..she will NEVER NEVER look in the mirror when sucking her dummy..she will actually close her face if we try to bring her infront of mirror..lagi lah pulak nak memang keje susah..ini gambar banyak mahal punya ..Ah well my darling, is actually fair and square as papa is 'attach' to his cigarrete, ibu to her chocolate (not one day without it..hihihi)..Afia?? to the dummies Mak bapa borek, anak rintik

Anyway this december is a special month for Tok Wan Afia- as she will celebrate her birthday on the 14th of Dec..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOK WAN..and also to ayah su Afia / my baby bro @ daddy-o- on the 23rd of Dec - HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYAH SU is also the month where my grandfather past away 25 years ago (though i was only 7, but the event is still fresh in my mind ) and my mother in-law past away a year ago - moga-moga roh mereka sentiasa dalam golongan org2 yg beriman. Al-Fatihah!...Hope everyone who reads this has a pleasant raya haji..

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