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Thursday, 13-Sep-2007 08:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark

On the 10th of September 2007, officially my lil' Afia Zia Nuha turns two. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY PUCU' (dont know why i just love calling her this, i feel like squeezing her, whenever i call her by this name.)

This year we decided not to have the BIG TWO birthday party - therefore no birthday theme - themenya pakai skirt jerk and take some photos. This is because papa is really busy at work till night - all day stretch, so terpaksa la ditangguhkan, sebab papa pun nak enterframe sama dlm gambar princess die time potong kek .So upacara memotong kek kena lah KIV. Pressie from Ibu, Papa and Tok Wan pun Afia belum bukak tengok Entry nie pun delay, sebab USB Port kat laptop kong kat rumah, therefore tak leh connect to internet . Last year PC yang kong, nie internet lak- dugaan ..So sumer nya taun nie KIV

However, eventhough this year is a 'silence' birthday, 10th will always remain meaningful to everyone in the family. It is the day that our lil angel arrived in the family, it is the day where our lives spins in a very exciting ways Therefore doesnt matter how the celebration is,10th will always be special than any other day

Thanks Tok Ayah, Cik Ja n Co, Ayah Su and Co. Tak sabar nak tunggu pressie Cik Ja - bergaya pompuan melayu terakhir lahlah Afia di hari raya , and Cik Yana. Thanks to Ruth for the lovely pressie. Thanks Auntie Sya, Ruqayyah and Uncle Syahridzan for the wonder present, lepas nie bersinar ler lantai umah . Auntie Ja, Uncle Syah and abang Aadiyat bagi kasut Barbie yg comel lote- suh afia byk jalan2 yerk ,thanks!! and also lovely pressie from Auntie Nadia (Iraqian) and Ali.Skirt pinkie, pressie from Auntie Wawa, Uncle Amat and Amsyar., Afia suker gitu, thanks lah susah2 pi post!Nt afia gi lawat Amsyar kat London pakai baju tuh nooo...! Thanks Auntie Kina n Co, Auntie Aza, Auntie Kamilah n Co for remembering Afia's birthday way before the actual day, and texting and call so very early. Thanks to the friends yg text till 2-3 days after her birthday pun.. Thanks all of those yang wish afia kat her fp.

Dikesempatan ini jugak Afia n Co nak mengucapkan Salam Ramadhan dan Selamat Menjalani Ibadat Berpuasa to everyone. Moga 'pemburuan' pahala dalam penghulu segala bulan ini diberkati dan dirahmati Allah swt, insyaALLAH

Tuesday, 4-Sep-2007 08:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
When Size 2 Becomes Size 6!!!

There are times in our busy life when we sit down - look up at old photos - cherishing the memory lane - and realising how time flies and without even noticing that tiny little girl we used to just carry in just one arm, has grown sooooo BIG, two arms pun dah tak terlarat nak carry

And thats what i mean when her size 2 shoe - 'the pre walker shoe', she worn last year, has now turn to the size 6 - 'my first shoe'. Next week Afia will turn 2!! Usually people like to associate this age as being 'the troblesome' But i didnt like to say it as 'troublesome' but probably to being more 'skillful'

Above piccas was randomly some of photos in her first year of life. Still a baby, still so cuddly Last year afia celebrated her birthday in a fairy costume, she definately didnt have a clue of why on earth she has to wear that 'uncomfortable' dress. Punyer bersemangat ibu and papa die as she turned one. We did a birthday bash for her, inviting lotsa of Afia's tiny friends . Kelakar gak tgk gambar dia masa tu, nak potong kek pun tak reti lagi, (kek pun time tuh, ibu tak bg lagi afia makan )..lagi lah nak blow candle

When Afia got to 14 months - skill dia yang paling obvious adalah die mula minat 'man' . Kalau tgk handsome man in CBBies (most man hosts in CBBies have pleasant faces), Afia mula jerit2 and buat 'kejutan electric' dia tuh .Oh sungguh hillarious, selalu tak sempat nak capture sb kejutan electric die tu in seconds jerk . ..cheeky girl

She also started to have astonishing obsession towards magazines (peliknya only suka HELLO and OK!) and looking at HER photographs in the PC . Sebab millions time tengok gambar2 dia, afia dah boleh hafal, semua susunan gambar, and before her favourite photos comes up on the screen, she shows some sign of excitement When she gets to 18 months, she has shown another wonderful 'skill' - merajuk yang amat . Kalu merajuk ngan papa, it could be for one whole day, anytime papa called or anything she would just looked at the ceiling or rolled her eyes, or even closed her eyes like sleeping . Merajuk ngan ibu?? Kadang-kadang jer

Up till now Afia is still in love with both of her hobbies above (magazine and HER photoghraphs). And slightly notice if i put infront of her toys and books, she would want to take books more than toys Now she like to play dolly - her favourite dollies are still the tweenies, teletubbies and teen dolly. Bising yang amat sekarang nie, senyap rumah tu, maksudnya afia dah tido 'Kejutan electric' dah takder, but instead if she feels shy at any people, she turns her head and smile sooo sheepishly Her merajuk skill has expand to be 'ratu air mata' and sungguh2 dramatis - Neng yatimah or Sarimah or Saadiah?? Ntah2 Ogy Ahmad Daud Uishh..tak bulih sakit skit, alohhh dramatis nya muka die buat2 nangis, memek2 muka, tangan naik atas dua . Kena cepat2 gi gosok, kiss die etc, kalu tak pun, mmg die sua kan muka dia suh kita kiss or amik tangan kita suh gosok2

Indeed she brings thousands of smile and laughter in this 2 adventerous years. We are very very she step into this 'skillfull age' she will definately has more and more to offer us !!

Tuesday, 28-Aug-2007 14:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Garden BBQ in the End of Summer

It was a long weekend last week (25th - 27th) as we had a Bank Holiday Monday ( A bank holiday is a public holiday in the United Kingdom and also in the Republic of Ireland)

The end of summer has arrived, therefore we plan to visit Kina and Co at Sheffield. Kina and I used to be good buddies back then when we were both in UKM

The weekend was predicted to be full with sunny spells, therefore we think it would be a waste if we didnt have any food-picniclike-activity .We decided to make an 'end of summer-garden BBQ'. Kina's house as wide open back garden, a suitable place for the event. The food was a lot and yummie. We had sosej bakar, udang bakar, ikan bakar, sotong sumbat (specially made by Nita), ayam bakar - Manchester Mari, nasi and sup sayur, air asam and sosses and tiramisu as dessert! (mentioning nie buat perut lapar..hehehe). Semua orang makan sampai kekenyangan dan menjilat jari...hehee..

We had a great weekend. Thanks Kina, Syukri and handsome Hadi for being a wonderful host!!! (For sure datang lagi punya..! )

Tuesday, 21-Aug-2007 14:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Lake District - Final Part

Last but not least, are pictures of our visit to LAKELAND MINIATURE VILLAGE. Cantik amat tempat nie. Afia cukup suka lah, sebab die jadi big giant kat sini. Dah lah time sampai tempat nie, she's just been awaken from her beauty sleep. So apa lagi, 'battery tengah full charge' . Posing pun cukup senang, asyik tersengih2 jerk..sume rumah die nak gi pegang

A fascinating insight into the buildings of Lakeland’s yesteryear made from local Coniston slate. These miniature buildings depict Cumbrian houses (including such classics as Hill Top, the home of Beatrix Potter), farms, barns and bridges with delightful water features throughout create the Lakeland landscape. All are hand crafted by Edward Robinson.

This is our nice and cozy bed and breakfast

Saturday, 18-Aug-2007 15:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Lake District - Part 2

Citer 'LASBECAN' di Lake District nie diteruskan lagi ngan citer kami gi melawat The Stone Circle di CastleRigg,Keswick. Sapa-sapa yg pernah melawat Stonehedge di BATH, mesti lagi kagum lah, ngan bebatu yg tetiba terpacak di atas padang. Stone Circle di CastleRigg nie 'adik' STONEHEDGE jerk , batu die kecik2 dr batu2 di Stonehedge, gamaknya allien yg bawak batu nie tengah padang, Alien kurus2 kut . Banyak myths sebenarnya yg mengaitkan asal-usul stone circle nie. But indeed, it is one of Britain's National Famous Heritage - a place you wouldn't want to miss if you are a fan of heritages

Castlerigg is one of the most beautiful stone circles in Britain, This visually impressive prehistoric monuments set in a splendid position, in an open field by the Lake District's mountains, 213m (700ft) above sea level. It is thought to be one of the earliest circles in Britain, and it dates from around 3000 BC. Each year, thousands of people visit it to look, photograph, draw and wonder why and when and by whom it was built. Amazingly,the stones seem to have many astronomical functions. However many believes it was probably used for religious ceremonies, tribal gathering or maybe a burial sites!!!!

Another interesting place visited during this trip is 'The World Of Beatrix Potter'. Beatrix Potter is one of the most famous author for childrens' stories. Everheard of the famous PETER RABBIT, JEMIMA DUCK?? Anyway, baru-baru ni Renee Zelweger, star in film about Beatrix Potter, called 'Miss Potter'. Tak tahu masuk ker idak kat Malaysia, cause it is a British Film, usually film originated from UK have less odeon thus, tak masuk panggung Mesia

Beatrix Potter was born in 1866 in Kensington, London and died in 1943. She was an English author and illustrator, botanist, and conservationist, best known for her children's books. Some of her books began as letters she wrote to children, with little pen and ink drawings to illustrate them. She made up a whole series of correspondence between the characters in her books as delightful miniature letters. Among her famous stories a 'A Tale of Peter Rabbit' , The Tale of Little Pig Robinson, Story of Miss Moppet and The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck. World of Beatrix Potter Attraction includes all 23 Tales by Beatrix Potter, brought to life in a magical indoor recreation in Lake District. One can meet Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck and all their friendsin this attraction

Gambar kat atas kurang clear as it was taken by the camera inside the attraction. Tuhan punya tahu baper banyak kali posing tuh , nak bagi miss Afia really looks good .

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