By: hazira hamzah

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Tuesday, 14-Aug-2007 14:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A Trip To Lake District - Part 1

Finally we get a taste of summer when the pouring rain slowly fades away Plan bercanda-ria summer sebenarnya banyak, but due to unavoided circumstances semua kena cancel. However, for this trip we manage to 'tempis' all those circumstances and head for LAKE DISTRICT. Our holiday began on the 11th of August - 13th of August. Its a short holiday, BUT we truly enjoy it to bits.The journey from Manchester to the Lake takes only 1 1/2 hour. We stayed in Breakfast and Bed (a private home-turn to motel-include breakfast-usually run by elderly citizen).After aching hunt for B n B over the net (summer is a peak season, where most accomodation is full and high in price), i finally found this cozy place with a very reasonable price

The Lake District is a popular holiday destination with outstanding natural beauty of magnificent mountains and beautiful lakes.It lies entirely within Cumbria,North West England and is one of England's few mountainous regions.Well known lakes in the area are Windermere, Derwentwater, Ullswater, Coniston, Thirlmere, Bassenthwaite Lake, Haweswater, Brotherswater and Buttermere. Worth visit towns and villages are Bowness and Windermere, Ambleside, Coniston, Grasmere, Hawkshead, Kendal and Keswick. These places offering a diverse range of scenery and local attractions.

Wednesday, 8-Aug-2007 17:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Newbies In The Family - Hizqeel Aisy Muqtafin

On Sunday the 5th of August 2007,at 9.45 am Afia received a baby brother

Uishhhh..dont be shock everyone..he is not from the same emak and ayah as Afia ..he is afia's new baby cousin He is Ayah Su's and Cik Yana's son.(Cant actually believe my BABY brother is now a daddy to a baby )

His name is HIZQEEL AISY MUQTAFIN BIN HALIM SHAH. Given also by the Board Director of Names This time the members of the board slightly changed as the baby has a different birth mum and dad, BUT the chief remain the SAME - our mum!!!

HIZQEEL adalah nama seorang nabi yang telah menyaksikan daripada tulang satu kaum dihidupkan semula. AISY adalah yang kaya raya dan MUQTAFIN adalah yang terbilang. Doa kami agar HIZQEEL membesar sehebat namanya AMIN

Cik Jie, Ayah E and Kak Afia (hehehe..dah jadi kakak anakku itu.. ) WELCOME you to the FAMILY..!!!

Wednesday, 25-Jul-2007 22:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Apa Ada Pada Afia Zia Nuha?

Musim tagging bermula lagi, kali ni di 'tag' olie,ain and mrs apple.Thousand of apologies, it takes me sometime to complete the 'task'.This time - the topic of tagging nie menarik amat. Makna nama anak -

Semenjak single-mingle dulu I just love day dreaming of childrens' names . So bila dah pregnant, apa lagi..masa yang ditunggu2.. BUT, my mum was quite strict on believing that it is NOT a good thing to look for a baby's name masa tengah pregnant.Terliur bukan main pun tahan jer lah Sampai dah 8 months of pregnancy, my mama and abah datang UK for my labour. Time tuh, patience is no more my good friend . Ask mama again to seek name for the baby. Mama then agree. Apa lagi - the search began. Mama lah jadi 'chief' dalam Board Director of Name nie . That is an automatic post for mama since my sister's children

Under the regulation made by the chief, ,the first rule in choosing the name has to begin with the same letter as the baby's father, and as my hubby's name starts with A (Ahmad Sharizal) - therefore ALL of my children will be beginning with A

We decided to have more than one names-so besides looking for names beginning with A , carik gak nama2 lain yg berkenaan untuk dijadikan gabungan- hehehe- macam banyak kerja jerk yer..but i love all the bits of the search. All the short names were combined as one name-and FINALLY we have 3 different names. Yang kelakarnya sumer member of the board attract to different name . So to be fair and square, i wrote all 3 names on 3 different small papers and ask them including me to pick one name without looking. Each member of the board got 3 CHANCES

It seems that after the draw, one name has won with majority. Therefore we believe that it is probably GOD's act to lead us to this special name....

We hope AFIA will be away from all the obstacles and problems in her life, and always be given ways and easiness by ALLAH s.w.t in her walk of life.ZIA will always shine and bright similarly to the light, and NUHA will always be as intelligent as Luqman Nur-Hakim....

In this opportunity, i would like to wish my sister's eldest son - our SYAHMI..HAPPY 7th Birthday, Today the 25th!!! Hope you will be as good as the meaning of your name

Err..sebab zie dah lambat complete the task-sumer org dah di 'tag' ..zie tak yah tag org lah yerk

Monday, 16-Jul-2007 22:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Strawberry Time..!

Dah lewat sebenarnya bila kami gi strawberry picking-already towards the end of the season. Nak buat camne..ari2 asyik ujan ngalahkan musim tengkujuh jer. Luckily, last week, the weather sided us,thus give us the opportunity that we've been waiting for. Agaknya sebab last week was 07.07.07 (siapa ek lahir hari jerk..) so the weather was bright as the numbers

Disebabkan tanah di farm tu becak amat , kami terpaksa lah ikat afia dalam push chair , sumer org tengah bizi kutip strawberry, tak sedar lak cek mek molek nie dah gunakan strawberry buat ramuan kecantikkan kat muka ..

Photos below nie are my favourites, tak tahu lah actually pokok gandum ker apa..but looks so scenic in the picture..excuse the model lelaki tak bertauliah tu.. ..konon2 nak model as scracrow lah tu,nasib baik takder burung gagak hinggap.. the very the enterframe..

Dedicated to Olie, Ain and Ibu Ziya Khadija - sorry lah zie tak buat lagi tag korang tuh,nak letak entry nie dulu yerk, lepas nie insyaALLAH. Bizi lak diriku semenjak due menjak ini

Tuesday, 3-Jul-2007 22:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Watch That LAMBADA..!

Suddenly looking at photos of 'my dancing queen' - my mind keeps humming LAMBADA and DANCING QUEEN

Anyone who listen to these two songs will definately feels like dancing And similarly to the situation, anyone who look at my dancing queen - ber 'boggie' and eventually ber'LAMBADA', sure penat gelak tak sempat nak ber'dancing' sekali

Yepp..This is our AFIA at her 21 months old (Time do fly fast!! ).One of her favourite programme on CBBies is Boogie BBies. This is the programme where they turn on dance music and they teach children fascinating dance - AFIA cukup SYOK tengok programme ni. Habis lah tangan, kaki, kepala sumer lenggok-lentuk - BOOGIE will eventually turn into LAMBADA

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