By: hazira hamzah

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Sunday, 24-Jun-2007 22:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Grandfather's Love

Its time AGAIN for Afia to bid farewell to the one she loves

As i ALWAYS say, one of the hardest part to be far far away from family, is when they came to visit, and have to leave

Afia must have felt that Tok Ayah would eventually leave her. The past few days, Afia was extra close to Tok Ayah. Observing her at the airport, at 21 months old, she probably has her own undescribable ways to say goodbye - Afia refuses to kiss Tok Ayah - she pushed him away - and refused to even look at him - just like the way she did when her Tok wan was about leaving her last year

Anyway Afia had the greatest time with tok ayah for two months. At least after 16 months apart from Tok Ayah - Afia got to taste grandfather's love

Thursday, 7-Jun-2007 15:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My Little Mirror Lover

Afia loves for the mirror is unique and remarkable I dont mean just 'like' the mirror, she TOTALLY truly truly loves to see herself in the mirror

Since 9 months old, Afia started to really really fall in love with mirrors. She would smile at her reflection and play with it happily.She would even shout excitedly to see mirrors in any of the shops that has them **sigh** Not to mention of all the mirrors in the house, plus glass doors on any cabinets

At 10 months, when i got her the Exersaucer PlayPen with small mirror at the side- she really makes people laugh with all sort of funny funny action she did with the mirror - stuck her tongue, shake her head, wave her hand , kiss the mirror, try to wear sunglasses etc

At 20 months now, Afia's affection towards mirrors or maybe her own reflection stays, hehe. Aware of the situation Afia's papa bought her a children's dressing table Apa lagi melaram habis lah anak dara kecik encik Ahmad Sharizal nih Sehari, tak sah kalu tak bercakap-cakap dengan berbagai aksi in 20-25 minutes. Lucu nya hanya Tuhan yang Tahu. Kalau Afia dapat skill baru - muncung mulut, memek muka - she'll go to the mirror. Pantang kata beautiful girl -terus gi depan mirror. Pakai tudung ibu- mirror gak jadi tatapan, sunglasses di mata - ermmhh habis ler..naik2 bulu mata macam Ziana Zain

Its hard to imagine how a 20 month old toddler could be sooooo engrossed in looking at her reflection for so long, but this is how my little princess acts..little mirror lover

Sunday, 20-May-2007 12:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Modern Garden Fairy

After keeping these photos for quite sometime i manage to find sometime to 'membersihkan' sawang2 in Afia's fp - perghhh this is probably the longest time for me not having time to update her current action. Sungguh super duper bz these days.

Afia is 20 months now..(4 more months before she turns 2 - and ibu dah start pk of the befday celebration - overexcited betul ). The lil missy has becoming more and more attach to ibu -nak jadi macam anak kangaroo- masuk poket ibu . This is probably the miracle of constantly talking and sharing secrets with her while she was in the womb

Monday, 16-Apr-2007 16:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mr and Mrs April

Its the double celebration again..HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr and Mrs April

Teringat cerita dulu-dulu, when i first know my hubby - and when he told me about his birthdate - i totally didnt believe him - ingatkan sebab nak tekel punyer pasal dia pun tipu birthdate next to my birthdate - siap suruh tunjuk IC

Its a very rare coincident eh?? Definately none of us will not forget each other's birthday

!4 April 2007 - Hubby's Birthday. First time masak pulut kuning . Last year we didnt celebrate the birthday that much - Masa tu tiga2 demam- so i just make it up this year.

15 April 2007 - My day..And this year, is my SECOND Sweet 16 ..The special menu was Nasi Ayam Not that big though, but i had such a wonderful day

The two of us born under the same sign - Aries The Ram - Its the first sign among the twelve zodiacs - ARIES known to always want to be the boss who's the boss between us?? Now for sure lil miss AFIA is the boss mostly for everything

Sunday, 8-Apr-2007 23:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Spring Has Sprung..!!!!

This time Afia and Erin went to enjoy the spring sun and breeze. Fortunately for them, as the weather is excellent, Mat Salleh mula suka sakan ada lah FUNFAIR lak..

Nak tahu spring dah datang atau tidak - ermm..tengok lah kat tepi-tepi jalan atau di mana saja - will be full with beautiful daffodils. When Afia and Erin saw daffodils in the park - apa lagi macam tak nak balik dia orang- sukaaaa petik bunga - especially Afia - meraung-raung tak nak balik

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