By: hazira hamzah

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Friday, 20-Mar-2009 00:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The One Who Got A Kiss !!

Uuuuuuuuuu..controversial ..the one who got the kiss from a handsome lad.. ...when Afia Zia Nuha met Akmal Hadi in Sheffield

This is my cheeky three and the half years old daughter. She has just turned that age on the 10th of March..meaning she has exactly 6 more months counting to 4 She is so cheeky and full with laughter every single day. She likes to laugh and giggle and makes me want to squeeze her to the max. My favourite word to her is 'cucumumu Ibu' . God knows why i called her that She loves to dance to Cbeebies songs. She likes to test my patience with giggling out loud when i make an angry face She is a 'chocolaty' person same with myself . Her only drinks is 'air suam'. She turned against milk and her bottle 2 months ago suddenly, God knows why..haha..Her favourite lauk are kurma ayam, kuzi ayam, sup ekor..ermm canggih tak anakku ini Her favourite action - becoming army , menyelinap bawah duvet

cek mek ni, tetiba lak one fine day tido tertonggeng sebegini, at times she suddenly woke up while her eyes are still close, sitting and babbling, GOD knows what
, and fall back on the bed in the position like this ..yerp cheeky by day, and also cheeky by night..the one with sleep action

Sunday, 22-Feb-2009 15:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Day of SURPRISE!!!

We had planned the surprise party for Fizah for sometime It was much easier when Fizah's hubby, Din was working off hours at Salford Hospital, Ima's hubby and mine were playing football at Manchester Game, therefore it was again ladies day.

None of us wished the birthday woh-mang that day Though tertera jelas kat facebook tu, it was her day . Ima kunun-kunun planned to go to Fizah's for some outdoor photography session, so Fizah already expected Ima and Ty's presence, BUT was clueless No'on , Ja and myself were coming as well .

The woh-mang was really in shocked when we shouted her SURPRISE !!!!!! with kek besar terbonjol kat depan pintu birthday woh-mang sebenarnya dah sedih-hiba hari tu, because nobody remembers her day, in addition to that hubby pulak keje

It was an ITALIAN Theme The food contributors semua ngidam nak makan Italian Food Jadi semua makanan italian ada - spaghetti, lasagne, pizza -luckily none of us wore Italian mafia custome

Surprise event like this was always done during my youth years - we would surprise closest friends with various ways. I remembered the most shocking surprised done to me was when i was doing my matriculation study - 3 of my best friends, came to the glass window at 12 midnight singing happy birthday aloud with birthday cake

We hope we have made you heart dino-shocked Fizah

Monday, 16-Feb-2009 16:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
We Met the Beckhams!!! (blackpool part 2)

Sebenarnya these pics were taken quite sometime ago, when we visited Blackpool last year October. Kalau makanan mesti dah naik segala kulat-kulat,tapi sebab takkan lapok dimakan masa yer idak..hehehehehe.Actually,due to many many events one after the other after we visited Blackpool, i didnt get a chance to put these pics in here.

One of the places we visited when we went to Blackpool last year, was the Louise Tussaud, The Wax Museum.Wax museum will always be in my list of visited places if i went to London hehe..i think i have visited Madame Tussaud for almost 3 times haha.i just love taking photos with all the celebrities wax hehe, and got into the act. The wax were all unique, i think. We went into the museum with two other families: Sharifahs's family, and Kamilah's family.

In comparison Madame Tussaud with Louise Tussaud in Blackpool, definalet Madame Tussaud is many times better. Those wax in London were all more similar to the real person. For some of the wax you hardly knew whether it was a wax or the real people if they were next to each other . Wax in Blackpool ni, ada flaws skit lah..the figure was not that perfect. We definately could know it was a wax by looking at the pics!!

Yang bestnya bila the 'Hillarious Men' got into action. Nak pecah perut ketawa tengok Mahzan, Shahrizan and Hubby buat lawak kelakar ngan wax-wax tuh Dia orang ni sangat-sangat sporting!!!Men will always be boys huh? hahahaha...Tengok gambar below ni..rambut lelaki mana yang paling stylo??..ha ha..

Yerp we enjoy every bits of the time in the museum

Thursday, 5-Feb-2009 18:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
5th Avenue Studio (Part 2)

Two entries at the same time, pretty impressive huh? If i didnt finished up updating about the shoot in the 'classy' studio I may end up delaying uploading the pics to God knows when .

This was the gist of the shoot These photos were not something you can see everyday This is an act of a group of women with no hubby on the sight Oh it was years since i did a photo shoots with girlfriends like this Yerp this was something quite ordinary to me when i was still single,gathered with few of my good friends, and shot fun-happy-crazy pics. So, in these photos watch out for four mommies + one single woman

Ok less write more pics - here comes 'Ladies In Act, Women On The Loose'

Thanks to Mrs Photographer, Ima and co, fizah for their dedication towards her work hehehe

Thursday, 5-Feb-2009 17:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
5th Avenue Studio (Part 1)

How does the name of the studio sound? Pretty classy eh?

Boring-boring petang Sabtu lepas, I decided to go for a visit at Fizah and Din's new house. The idea was welcomed by Fizah, and she thought it would be more fun to call up Ima, Ja and No'on, for the 'lepaking' session, and the bonus event of the day - photography session at Fizah's living room, which i addressed as the 5th Avenue Studio

It was ladies evening The men were only invited after we finished our photo shoot,that was for 'makan-makan session' They didn't mind really ,as they were all caught up in their own biz - Din was at work, Shah was out somewhere, Taufik was doing his school work at home and hubby was watching football in Old Trafford Stadium.

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