By: hazira hamzah

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Enchanted Party...

Once upon a time, Princess ZiaNuha was invited to a spectacular party. The ball were hosted by the royal hignessess Princess Elin and Princess Erin, and the Pirate Prince, Eiman. She ordered her best designer to design the best gown for her to wear at the party.The gown was all white embroided with silver pink roses. The gown was paired with an elegant cardigan, with button roses all around the neck. Princess ZiaNuha was delighted with the gown. She was all set for the party.

Princess Zianuha went to the party chaperoned by her bodyguard. On the way there,with their golden carriage and 2 white horses. She stopped in between the way at another enchanted castle belonged to Princess Ruqayyah, her good friend . Princess Ruqayyah was beautiful as well with her cream gown and also embroided with pink roses all over the gown. She wore red cardigan which matched the gown perfectly.Both princesses were so excited for the party, and off they went.

The party was magnificent. The twin princessess looked radiant with their beautiful blue gown The prince pirate too was looking extraordinarily handsome and fierce . Their castle was occupied with many princessess and young pirates from all over the kingdom. They have an enourmous birthday cake with the big letter E. The food was marvellous. Princess Zianuha had a wonderful time meeting her friends there. All of them wore beautiful gowns just like hers. The party was so magical

I had such a hillarious fantasy about princessess. Mind me! Cita-cita nak jadi princess kecik-kecik dulu, dan nak pakai gown kembang2 princess, tak kesampaian, sebab belum sempat cari, dah jadi orang dewasa Kempunan tu, Afia lah yang kena sambung Cuma hanya sempat berangan berakap sorang-sorang ngan Barbie dolls sahaja time kecik2 dulu Ye lah jangan tak percaya, I owned 7 Barbie dolls, 3 boxes of Barbie's clothes, one box of Barbie shoes, and another box of Barbie's other Accessories. Also Barbie's house and Barbie's car Yerp, i was so fanatic with Barbie dolls, so so their fan Tak kuasa..

Anyway, the party was actually hosted by Ita and Khai celebrating their childrens', Elin, Erin and Eiman whose birthday fell in the same month, December. The party was held on the 10th of Jan 09 and was set to have special theme 'Princess and Pirates' tu lah sebabnya, semua girls pakai lawa-lawa bagai puteri . Tapi gambar boys yang pakai pirates tak sempat nak ambik sebab semuanya entah ke mana . Anyway, thanks so much Ita and Khai for inviting us .

Event yang paling tidak ketinggalan was bergambar beramai-ramai, mommies and daddies, yang dress code mereka sungguh nampak perbezaan

This is just the right song for all of these beautiful princesses..

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Winter break and Cambridge

This winter season we decided to visit Cambridge,home to one of the world's most prestigious university. I remember how my father used to talked forever about Cambridge. He talked about how beautiful it is, how traditional and 'English' their people are, how calm the surrounding area are. He missed Cambridge so much, though he only studied there for a year for his Masters in the middle of 1960's. Presently, we got to go to Cambridge to witness what Afia's Tok Ayah has cherished

We went there with 3 other families Fahimah and Co, Nofri and Co, Wani and Co and a single friend, Nurul Huda @ No'on It was a 2 nights and 3 days break. Indeed a wonderful trip though the weather is DEAD COLD..Grrrrrrrrr..well, it is winter isn't it?

We began our journey on Friday the 2nd of January 2009. The trip is something like a catalyst to boost all of our energy for the new year. On the way to Cambridge, we take a short break for lunch and prayers in one of National Park in Nottingham. There usually be lots of deers roaming about in the park, but that day we only got to see few of them.I guess the deers were hiding from the awful weather

The next morning, Saturday the 3rd, we entered Cambridge by bus. It is advisable to park in an allocated car park and ride a bus into Cambridge as the parking fees in the city was expensive.Afia sungguh happy dapat naik bus As we arrived in Cambridge, we became seperated as two groups because of the different interest Fahima's family and mine aimed to go and experienced 'punting' in River Cam, while Nofri's family and Wani's family wanted to enjoy the scenery in Cambridge by walking.

Punting along the River Cam is one of the traditional delights of visiting Cambridge,It really is lovely gliding along, passing fabulous old architecture, gorgeous gardens and ducks Even though it looks scary, slippery and not very big space, we managed to carefully sit down and organised ourselved wrapped in blanket, as the weather surrounding is so so so cold. Each of the tour lasted for 45 minutes and was punted by an experience punter . Afia pulak agaknya dah terlampau slow 'punting' ni, tertidur anakku itu after 20 minutes in the punt So ibu dan papa jer lah sibuk 'berposing'..

Later that day, we went strolling along the city in search of more beautiful architecture and breath taking view. We've got lots of them, and for me to put all of the photos inside here, it would be impossible

Our second day in Cambridge, Sunday the 4th, the temperature was more colder than the previous day. It made our feet numb It was probably -4 C. It was a dreadful temperature. Tapi disebabkan semangat yang amat berkobar-kobar nak snap photos at left-over places where we didnt visit the day before, all of us successfully ignored the cold and pose for photoghraphs But, for dear Afia, we have to 'kurung' her inside her push chair most of the time, afraid she might be be sick of the very cold weather. In between the walk, we had to stop and warm ourselves in Starbuck, tp yang kelakarnya, semua orang putih asked for warm drinks, but orang-orang melayu ini, asked for iced blended Frapuccino

Afia had a blast of time. She really enjoy this trip, especially having to be around all of her friends, especially her darling 'kakak' Hamim Bazilah. Suka sangat nak kawan ngan 'kakak' We had a wonderful experience in Cambridge - eventhough, we didnt get a chance to go to Afia's Tok Ayah College, the Wolfson College. (hihi, sorry IMa it was not King's College, ku tersilap )

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Before The New Year

It is approximately 2 minutes before the new year. I can hear loud and clearly the sound of the fireworks. We are entering the year 2009. When i was small i never imagine about this year The imagination only stop to the year 2000

Anyway, previous new years, i never missed to make a new year entry. Looks like this year, the idea for the new year shoot, dim off However i have replaced it with several photos of Afia and her papa taken few days before the new year

Gambar-gambar nie juga, nak menunjukkan 'skill' Ibu yang amat-amat ' ' dalam arena memotong rambut Afia. Look how crooked Afia's fringe has turned out to be . Papa kata, habis lah rosak semua gambar-gambar Afia dengan rambut 'zigzag' ini Takper lah Afia, style baru New Year!!

WOW..the sound the fireworks, cracks so so loud..Waking up lots of my new years memories when i was in my teenage years (huh..again to that lane.. )..Well anyway, hope every single body will have a FAB-TASTIC year, full with many bless and wishes that shall come true

SALAM MAAL HIJRAH and HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us to everybody who read this

27 December 2008

Its the year end birthday celebration HAppy 2nd birthday to Haris, the only son of Azan and Erni. Thanks so much for including us in the celebration. BBQ chicken sungguh sedap di makan di kala sejuk ini

28 December 2008

We hosted a farewell party for our dear friend, Raja Iskandar and Puteri Suhaila who will be returning for good to our homeland, Malaysia. Their absence will indeed be missed Selamat pulang...

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Its End Of The Year

Wuhooo..its end of the year!! One more week into the next new year 2009! New resolutions? I'm not sure i'm all done with the old ones. However, like many others, i have several things to be done on my life list , some plans to rule, some wishes to fulfilled . Well anyway, Afia had a christmas party at her nursery last week. And like last year, she was pretty scared of the santa

As seen in the photo, most of the key workers are wearing their casual outfit for the day as it was a christmas party. They usually wears their uniforms, so do not be deceived by looking at their outfit on the day

This is one of the activity that Afia like the best in her nursery . Playing with foam I'm sure it is one activity most children would love. Who wouldn't like getting messy in shaving foam?? Besides shaving foam, sometimes, they use painting, flour dough, sands, and soap bubble fo the children to play and get messy. Afia suka lah kalau part messy ni

That is how they aimed to teach children from birth to five years old. They called it 'The Early Years Foundation'. Before getting to more structural education, children within these age will be taught through their play. All nurseries will educate these children in fun ways to develop their creativity,tackle small challenges and developing their language.They must have positive experience, and to achieved that its definately learning through their play. So they will keep on playing and playing in the nurseries within these age

Come to think of it..patut lah most children love going to school here..its playing while learning..sapa tak suka??

Kat sini, nak selit jugak gambar papa Afia in action during a friendly match between the Old Trafford Malaysian Community and Cheetham Hill Malaysian Community (that's where we live ). Thanks Shahrizan for these nice shots!!

Finally, on the 10th dec 2008, Afia is officially 39 Months Old..39?!!!! She's grown..!

Somehow i have found several songs that have brought me back to those 'teen' memory lane Out of many, this is one of the songs....(dreaming into that lane.... )

December is a special month for two special person - 14th December - Mama @ Tok Wan Afia -HAPPY BIRTHDAY-We love you so much..Muahss! And.. 23rd December - My baby bro, Shah @ Ayah Su Afia - HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD BABY!! No more pressie for OLD BABY, haha.U r no more baby of the house kad jer cukup ler

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Long December...

Afia was warded for the 3rd times in 2 months. She stayed at the ward for 4 days and 3 nights.Among all of the 3 admissions (7th of October, 20th of November and 3rd Dec) i strongly felt this time was the hardest. Why?

Because i was sick too. Too sick to even walk, to sick to even eat. I felt all sort of the nausea thingy, muntah, head spinning. Too sick to even see the computers or watch TV.

Because i was too sick, i had no energy to look after Afia who was also dearly ill. Afia had a very high temperature, and she was admitted to the hospital, as she vomitted non stop for 5 times in 2 hours Looking at how helpless i was, i was so distress and sad. Tears strolled down my cheek like it never did before as couldnt look after my sick daughter.

Because i was too ill and unable to walk, i was wheeled on the chair from the emergency room to the ward. Holding Afia who was so pale and weak in my arms.

Because I was too sick, i lied next to her in the ward. She cried sometimes wanting to be picked up, but i couldnt do it. I couldnt because i was too sick. My head spinned wildly.I cough so hard most parents felt uneasy. My husband was at work.

I admitted myself at 12.10 am from Booth Hall Children Hospital to North Manchester General Hospital. My husband has to accompany my daughter, and i had to ask for the ambulance to bring me from one hospital to the other.

and as i waited for the ambulance in the waiting room, lying with my head spinning and my throat feeling nausea, my heart cried so loud and if anybody could hear they would probably cry with me

Yerp, i missed my family dearly then. I felt so alone. So helpless. So sad thinking of how alone all of us. Afia lying on the bed without her mum besides her, and myself, admitting myself at 12.15am.
Oh this is a challenge, i barely dealt with it..

This is how it felt if 'the nurse' of the house is sick. Upsetting..really upsetting..

Anyhow..thanks to Syarifah and Syahrizan and Auntie Rosnah who have been helping us without us asking them too. This is one of the most difficult time for us, and you did sense it right. Thanks so much

The party

Birthday Boys

It was 29th of November, the birthday celebration for the three boys - Nabil. Najib and Ashraf (Zaini and Yan's son) at Kak Aida's house. Thanks to Kak Aida, yang sempat gak menyebut dan meyertakan kami yang baru celebrate anniversary ni. At the party Afia was being mushy mushy with the 'abangs' Thanks Kak Aida and Abg Syed for inviting us

Hamim's Birthday

Yeay Hamim is 5!! THanks to Ima and Taufik for inviting us for their princess's birthday celebration. Ima's bluberry tart was delicious nyum nyum.teringat sekarang, meleleh air liur I love looking at the girls photos. All of them with different expression in 3 different photos. Look at how little Afia and little Maisara full with facial expression while Tihani and Hamim maintain cun

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