By: hazira hamzah

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Saturday, 29-Nov-2008 22:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bukan Cinta Biasa di Akhir Garisan

This is the entry where i got to refresh my mind, going back to the day we tied our knot.Begitu pantas masa berlalu. Teringat kembali saat-saat kami dipertemukan, bercinta, berjauhan dan akhirnya diijabkabulkan on the 26th of November 2004. The day i definately would not forget for the rest of my life

I knew rizal 8 years before officially becoming his wife. Ups and down during 8 years of our relationship - ermmhh- toksah cakap lah berjuta-jutanya, imagine 8 up and down years however,alhamdulillah we ended in holly macramony

Our wedding was a beautiful wedding. Just by remembering it, my face would lit up. Watching it over and over again on the dvd made me wished i wanted again to be on that day. Thanks to my parents to have made my 'day' such a memorable day for me. Macam jugak semua bakal pengantin, i wanted to go through all experiences before my wedding, and i did.A day before the wedding, I got to go 'mandi bunga, massage and berwap' in one of the Indonesian Spa. i got to have my malam berinai and i also got to have 'acara tukar persalinan' - i have 3 'persalinan'. Wonderful, wondeful experience.

My make up was the work of a make up artist by the name of Amy Janz. He worked miracles with me. I hardly knew myself after he had done all the make up The akad nikah was a ceremony at my house in PJ. Around 50 relatives and closed friends were invited. 'Lafaz nikah' was a nerve wrecking experience, not only to Rizal but also to myself. But alhamdulillah, Rizal managed to say it in 'One Lafaz' calmly and confidently. Well done hubby!

On the 27th of November 2004, we had our enchanted wedding reception held at Crown Princess Hotel. The reception room was decorated beautifully with flowers all around.We had to come early to do some entrance and 'bersanding' rehersal. It was hillarious remembering how uncoordinated both of us were, and so did our best man, brides maid and the flower girls . After several practice we managed to organised ourselves beautifully . Our theme for the night was yellow creme. My wedding dress was an exqusite creme short 'kebaya'. I love the dress to bits. When i everything was ready my husband and i had to be on the top floor waiting for our cue, the 'Cak Lempong' music being played. As we walked down the stairs, and down to the aisle towards our 'pelamin', i knew all 200 pairs of eyes were on us. My heart was throbbing so fast, and my hand turned cold. Luckily I still manage to smile pleasantly, God knows how my husband were

Alhamdulillah once we sat on our 'pelamin', we were a bit calmer. Acara 'merenjis' was next on the agenda, followed by 'makan beradab' and finally 'acara memotong kek'. Everything was done ordely and smoothly. Again, praised to GOD for everything . I was living in a fairy tale that night

This year, my husband Rizal and I are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary.Over the years of being together, we were granted a lovely daughter, who is 3 years in age. She is the strength to our love, our bundle of joy. Macam kata orang-orang tua perkahwinan kami ni 'baru setahun jagung'. Masih banyak yang perlu dipelajari dan mempelajari Our relationship went through thin and thick but our love was stronger.May GOD blessed our marriage forever.

The songs in this entry were the songs i chose to be played at our wedding 4 years ago. Among these 3, the most suited song about us was 'Bukan Cinta Biasa' by Siti Nurhaliza. I seldom like Siti's song, but this song, really have a special meaning and touched me deeply. This song was played at our wedding. Together with other two songs 'Cinta di Akhir Garisan' and 'Makin Aku Cinta'.

'Hubby, Love You Then, Now, And Always Will..'

Specially dedication to two lovely couples who shared the same anniversary date as we are - Awanis and Ahmad - 26th Nov 2005 - Happy 3rd Anniversary , and, Nofri and Nizam - 26th Nov 2004 -Happy 4th Anniversary And also to my bro in law - Aye and the wife, Mona - who was wed a week before us, Happy 4th Anniversary too

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A Moment Too Soon

It was Tuesday the 18th Nov, that Afia got to meet her Ayah Su. Her ayah su @ my youngest brother came to London for a 3 days seminar. Driven by a strong feeling to see his niece, that he has not seen since she was born , my bro took a coach from Victoria station in London the minute he landed in UK. I assumed he was really tired of the very long journey in the flight plus the jetlag, but ' What The Heck!' he said.. ' this kind of opportunity to see Afia did not come always

Afia was poorly that week, and it was really dissapointing having to welcome her Ayah Su in her bad condition. My brother arrived in Chorlton bus station around 11pm that Tuesday. I was overwhelmed to see him. Oh wow! I didnt see him since i was back for my weddings, and that was about 4 years ago . How time flies Anyway,when we arrived home and the minute my brother opened his armed to take Afia, she was happily went to him.It amazed us, knowing she was not that friendly with strangers Its probably the special bond and connection that they have driven Afia's having a deep feeling towards her Ayah Su:-D

We had our dinner @ supper at 11.45pm.There are so many things to chat and talk. Before we knew it it was already 1.30 am. I was really tired and undoubtedly he was too. The next morning, wednesday the 19th of Nov, my hubby brought him to the nearest retail park to shop for some stuff, and also to the Man U stadium as he was the fanatic fan that needed cumpolsarily to buy something from the Megastore . Obviously,hajat nak ikut sekali, memang dibatalkan sebab Afia memang amat-amat tak sihat, and she was whining and moody all mornings . I was a bit frustrated, but ..well..nak buek camno..

At around 3.00 pm, he was already left to the coach station for London

Too many things to talk about, too little time, trying to squueze all four years in just 18 hours Its really hard. Though the meet was too brief, when he depart, definately part of me went with him However, i was satisfied to have at least a moment with him, and such a precious chance for Afia to meet him . Come again Ayah Su..and next time, Cik Yana, Baby Hizqeel and baby 'dot dot' has to tag along

Dining at Ita and Khai's

Ita and Khai has invited us for a lovely dinner at their house on the 15th of November. Di atas sebab2 PC yang rosak, dan talian internet hanya dapat digunakan di uni sahaja, maka entry nie lambat di update kan Anyway, we have a 'kenyang' time at their residence Thanks so much for inviting us makan-makan

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Little Star

Twinkle, twinkle, little Afia,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
You are a diamond in my sky!

This is how I sang the ryhme to Afia, by changing certain words Afia loves to hear rhymes and
Twinkle twinkle little star is one of her favourite ryhmes. Her other favourites are 'Old Mcdonalds' and 'Wind The Bobbin'.

Ibu is familiar to the two early ryhmes. BUT..the later - 'Wind The Bobbin'??That's not so familiar to Ibu. When it was sang, Ibu's jaw drop opened What ryhme is that?

Its actually an Irish ryhme, and is commonly sang in nurseries here. Oh how Afia has began to know the irish ryhme compared to the malay rhyme I bet she would prefer to ryhme 'wind the bobbin' than 'tom tom tumbuk' or 'air pasang dalam surut pukul 5, nyonya bangun pagi siram pokok bunga..'

Anyway, last saturday, Afia dressed up in pink ready to go to Eiman's 3rd birthday party. The food was excellento!! Luckily for me, i got the seat just infront of the food table Sampai sekarang dok teringat food kat party Eiman la Thank you Su and Kamal for inviting us.

That night, we were invited to Zaini and Yan's house for Yong Taufu. Amazing of how banyak jenis aneka seafood-balls served on the table. Sungguh best Thanks both for the great food and hospitality.

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What We Did Last Saturday

Last Saturday we went to Sheffield to visit Kina and her family. Its been months since our last visit to Sheffield. Hadi - Kina's son dah makin handsome and makin good boy Hadi is a year older than Afia,and when Kina addressed Afia as baby Afia, cepat jer Hadi kata 'No, she's not a baby,she's a little girl

Selalunya kalau ke Sheffield, mesti tak sempat nak singgah di satu restaurant yang selalu 'digembar-gembur' kan keenakkannya - Estikuntum. Well this restaurant is quite similar to Pink Garlic in Manchester. It is the only Multi Cuisine restaurant in Sheffield,offering HALAL Chinese, Indian and Thai food. Kebetulan a friend of ours, Kamilah and Mahzan visited their friends in Sheffield too, and as soon as they heard we were having dinner at Estikuntum, they happily wanted to join us

What special about us that night was, Kina and myself has been best friends since we were in our universities years, while Kamilah and Intan has been best friends since their high school years (sungguh lama.. ).Coincident lagi myself and Kamilah lived in Manchester, and two of our good friends lived in Sheffield So this meeting, is like a reunion between best friends

The following day, Kamilah's friend - Intan and Aldrin invited us all for lunch at their house. rumah mereka rumah cantik di lereng bukit Glossop We spent the whole afternoon there, the ladies sibuk chit chat, the men sibuk main game , and the children sibuk main2, and Afia sibuk tido..

I have always wanted to take photo Hadi and Kamilah's son Ali next to another. I strongly thinks Hadi and Ali resembles each other. Kalu tengok one of them, mesti teringat another. My thoughts was clearly agreed by both of their parents. Infact, Kina thinks that Ali's behaviour also resembles Hadi at that age What a coincident.Jadinya hajat yang dah lama tu akhirnya tercapai..that Sunday, i finally got to put them side to side and snap their photos..

And the girls' photo lak- both girls tak nak amik gambar next to each other - Hana tengah grumpy and Afia baru bangun tido, lagi grumpy Look at how Afia did her face infront of the camera

Anyway, we had a fun day. Thanks to Kina and Syukri for the overnight, and breakfast nasi lemak yang best, and also to Intan and Aldrin for the wonderful Nasi Ayam, plus all the 'traditional' dessert

As this entry is about best friends, i strongly thinks the song i insert in is suitable for the matter

Listen, baby
Ain't no mountain high
Ain't no vally low
Ain't no river wide enough, baby
If you need me, call me
No matter where you are
No matter how far
Just call my name
I'll be there in a hurry
You don't have to worry
'Cause baby,
There ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wide enough
To keep me from getting to you
Remember the day
I set you free
I told you
You could always count on me
From that day on I made a vow
I'll be there when you want me
Some way,some how

No wind, no rain
My love is alive
Way down in my heart
Although we are miles apart
If you ever need a helping hand
I'll be there on the double
As fast as I can

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Raya Round Up

Today is 1 Zulkaedah, officially the end of Syawal, thought of putting in some round up photos in syawal semalam, tp PC ku telah membuat 'onar'. Lepas hubby berhempas pulas membaiki , finally alhamdulillah, dah sembuh semula - luckily anyway, its just a round up event in syawal. Banyak lagi rumah yang pergi tapi tak sempat nak amik semua gambar, sibuk mengisi perut . Anyway it was an eventful syawal indeed!!

Kumpulan pemuzik ni, banyak sangat permintaan time hari raya For next raya, or raya haji nt, please book early to avoid disappointment .Ahli-ahli kumpulan ni ramai lagi, tapi hari tu, semua sibuk undangan lain, yang ni je sempat datang main kat rumah kami . By the way, gambar paling atas, Ima and Nofri tu, pesal nampak cam similar face with my mum ek??Cam anak beranak lak..

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