By: hazira hamzah

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Thursday, 23-Oct-2008 12:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Surrounded by The Nimbus Cloud

Tok Wan Afia has left us again..back to PJ, Malaysia. Alhamdulillah has landed safely, presently happily surrounded by my other siblings and her other grandchildren.

Flying with her that Tuesday is No'on one of family's close friend. Thanks No'on for accompanying and being flight buddy to Afia's Tok Wan. At the airport, we met a new friend called Encik Nordin. Encik Nordin is a friend of Zaini, our 'Tok Penghulu' here. This pleasant gentleman tetiba berjaya membuatkan hubby ku teringin amik gambar ngan DLSR nya

Therefore since she left us Tuesday the 21st of October, the nimbus cloud has been around the corner, surrounding No.10 Shaftesbury Road. Today, at least i have the mood to update this farewell entry. Hopefully the nimbus cloud will not be staying for a long time with us..shuh shuh..go away

My soul should be 'kalis farewell' now as my mum has been routinely come and go for the past 3 years. Tapi nak buat camno, setiap kali bidding farewell setiap kali tu lah, episod sedih duka lara datang. Trying my best to be stronger for Afia's sake, so that she would not see any drop of my tears. I have been telling her weeks before her Tok Wan left, that Tok Wan will be leaving her to meet her other cousins, and will be coming back again, I tried my best not to make her upset with the goodbyes.

When we came home after sending Afia's Tok Wan to the airport on Tuesday, my mind has fully digest yet to the fact that my mum is no more with us. But Afia has feel the sadness. Suddenly tengah2 makan and tengok TV, Afia sebak, and tears came rolling her cheek. But she wiped them with her tissue. I hugged her, and said it would be ok. And that was it for that day. For the rest of the day she was happy playing and giggling normally. My hubby was off work for the day, and we tried our best to keep Afia's in company.

Yesterday, the 22nd October..the nimbus cloud has brought the stormy and thundery rain to us I was badly surrounded by the black cloud. It started early in the morning, when i woke up and came downstairs, and the kitchen door was still closed, the tv was silent. I suddenly feeling the 'sepi'. Sepi hitted
me like a big wave, helplessly suffocating.

I always hated the first morning after she left. Her vibes in the house was still very strong at that moment, and it was depressing. Afia was all teary today. She is feeling exactly what i feel. She began to feel Tok Wan's absence. She just want to be cuddled and hugged. She did not want at all to be left alone. We were in sorrow

Today..Afia is a little better. She giggles and plays nomaly, but she still prefer to be by our side. Infact in her nursery today, she is a bit teary, and needs to be accompanied all the time. This is our routine for being far from immediate family. Meeting and goodbyes would be two major things that would always come to us We have no choice but to just go through these event with brave hearts...

Farewell Dinner

We have planned a special farewell dinner for Afia's Tok Wan at the Pink Garlic on the Saturday. Following us are two other families, Sharifah's and Kamilah's families.I have known these two ladies for about 6 years now, and that was why they also knew my mum that long and were very fond of her.Anyway food situ sungguh sedap menjilat jari. The combination of chinese cooking( my favourite) and pakistani cooking served in buffet style. Restaurant yang amat cozy. Ada tempat solat lagi..sampai sekarang teringat pink garlic, meleleh air liur . Anyway, time makan2 nie, sume the children were up and going, kecuali Ali. Kamilah's and Mahzan's son, yang has gone to his bedtime

Steamboat at Kak Aida and Abg Syed's House

Later that night, we went pulak ke rumah Kak Aida and Abang Syed for steamboats . Sedap sampai menjilat jari lagi steamboat kak Aida. Perut kami yang dah kenyang pun tetiba ada ruang untuk makan steamboat yg sedap Gracias to Kak Aida and Abang Syed for inviting us. Sorry terlambat sampai untuk makan and snap photos dengan yang lain sebab dh lama buat reservation for Afia's Tok Wan farewell dinner

Gambar budak2 jer yang sempat di snap malam tu, sebab kami pun dah 'terlambat keretapi' and yang lain dah kekenyangan and sibuk borak , so ambik jer gambar budak-budak

Alhamdulillah Afia is fully recovered from her sickness. Thanks to all of your prayers. hopefully in the future she would not go through the experience again

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Its Shocking!

The incident happened so sudden that until today, it had not entered my mind properly. It really seemed like an unwelcome dream

Sumer episode gambar raya kena lah diketepikan dulu, so that this entry can be given a priority to what had happened to our little girl in this Syawal. Its probably easier if i wrote in a form of diary of what had happened.

5th Of October (Sunday) - Afia had a temperature, demam biasa. So after given her CalPol (Children's paracetamol) and Nurofen (Children's Pain Killer), she's up and going as usual. Kami dah agak nie lah akibat, ibu and papa galak sangat bawak Afia jalan-raya on Saturday and Sunday, sampai dah infected demam.

6th of October (Monday)- Her temperature has gone down.But somehow she has started coughing.

7th of October (Tuesday), 9.00 am - Afia's temperature has totally went to the normal temperature. But her coughing worsen.However Afia seemed a bit restless that morning, she wanted to be carried all the way.

11.30 am - Afia was sleeping on me, and i felt her chest moving so fast. I still did not respond to her action.

12.30 pm - I put her on the bed, and that was when i saw her chest and stomach working very hard to breath. I wonder should I start to panick or not.At that time Afia was mouth breathing. Her face was quite intense as if she felt the pain of breathing. I quickly called a friend of mine, whose child had experienced hard of breathing.She adviced me to call the GP, and it is something to be worried. I called the GP. GP ordered me to take Afia direct to the Children's Hospital.

1.35 pm - As my husband is not at home at that time, Sharifah has driven us to Accident and Emergency Unit (A and E) at the Booth Hall Children Hospital.After looking of how intense Afia was on breathing, the nurse directed us to one of the room in the unit.They quickly helped her with oxygen face mask that was connected to a mechanical ventilator. This is known as oxygen therapy. Tapi Afia ni meronta-ronta bila mask dekat muka dia, so we have to hold it and putting it on her face.

Oxygen saturation rates between above 92% are considered "normal." However at that time Afia's oxygen level was 82%. The doctor took an X-Ray of her chest, and at that time there was still no sign of bacteria infection.

4.00pm - Afia was still under oxygen therapy. The face masked and the inhaler nabuliser to clear her airway were alternately given to her. There was also a probe on her toe. The probe connected to a long, thin wire that was attached to the monitor. The detector measures the amount of oxygen in the blood. Afia was asleep at this time. But i could see her body was still working very hard to breath.

6.30 pm - It has been 4 1/2 hours since she was admitted. Since then, doctor and nurses came to check on her, every 15 minutes. From the intensive observation, i knew it was something serious.Her oxygen level was still in the critical level. A doctor came to us and politely say, that she has to be transferred to High Dependacy Unit (HDU) for intensive care as her oxygen level was still worrying.

HDU? My heart sank, but my mind seemed to be paralysed. I probably should have cried the sudden i knew about the news.But I didn't show any respond nor sadness. I don't know why, i guess the shock came so sudden and my mind had not had enough time to compute. Or maybe i am the type of person who absorbed the sadness inside, and it is burning inside of me.

Anyway, High dependancy unit (HDU) is a unit for patients who require more intensive observation, treatment and nursing care than can be provided on a ward. Its level is actually a bit lower than ICU. The ratio of the nurse to patient is 1:2.

8.15 pm - She was already on water drip, as she couldn't swallow any water. And they have finally found out that she was infected by bacteria. She was given the antibiotics also through the drip. Afia was restless all the way. Yang geramnya kat sini, the immediate family can stay as long as they want to, but only ONE was allowed to accompany the child sleeping at night. Ayooooooooooooo, manyak susah ohh..dah ler fikiran ku paralysed, kena lak jaga Afia sorang2..

8th of October 8.30 am - Alhamdulillah Afia slept through the night. I could not sleep soundly definately. I was worried about her. Her oxygen level this morning was improving.

5.30 pm - Afia was quite alive until now. She managed to take water through her normal ways. they have taken down the drips. Her oxygen level is improving very much. She now needs the oxygen theraphy every 4 hours. They decided to transfer her to the normal ward.

7.00 pm - Afia was transferred to Ward 12.

The first night on the ward afia woke up in the middle of the night crying of pain made by the antibiotics that flew inside her veins. I heard from someone this was painful. I knew she was feeling the stinge, but i couldn't do anything. I couldnt even lift her. It was horrifying having to deal all this by my own. Alhamdulillah, things got better as day goes by. the next day, they have decided to take off her drip, and gave her oral medication. Yerp Afia is really difficult with oral medication. Satu wad tu dengar dia nangis tak berair mata tak mo makan ubat.. ..although it is that way, i am still relief, as that would only upset her a while compared to the drip that is painful and lasted hours

Finally on friday the 10th of october at around 6.30pm, Afia was discharged from the ward. Lega sungguh! She was prescribed with antibiotics (kat sini mmg susah Dr nak prescribe antibiotik kalu tak kes tu benar2 kena infection bacteria ) and also face mask inhaler.

It was a dreadful experience, moga-moga takder lagi lepas ni, episode yang macam ni

Special thanks to our immediate family(from both side) yang tak pernah luang sesaat pun bertanyakan hal Afia. To all of our friends, yang datang visit Afia, dan yang call dan sms Afia setiap masa, thanks, we are so touched with so much care and love. Special thanks to Sharifah and Syahrizan yang amat banyak tolong kami. And then, bawak lagi belon princess untuk AfiaAfia dah lama dok tgk belon katil sebelah.. . Till this moment dok main belon princess lagi To Dina and Feisal yang masak pada keluarga kami lauk pauk, and kek, so that we could have ready food to eat bila Afia keluar hospital. Terharu sungguh.

Lagu nie, is one of my favourite songs that is repeatedly play to my ears everyday Dedicated to all our love ones, our family. At this time, it is especially for my darling little star, Afia Zia Nuha.

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Aidilfitri 2008

As usual the gap between my entry in this fotopages nowadays is always between 2-3 weeks. Banyak punyer mende dalam kepala nak buat, sampai banyak entry tertunda-tunda. To start of with, wishes raya pun tak kubuat, sahkan nak melawat fp kawan-kawan nak buat raya wishes, dekat fp sendiri pun tak terbuat Hope sumer mende yang berserabut dalam kepala ni, is something worth to be serabutkan Ok..without anymore mak nenek stories, lets get to raya wrap up..

This year,the day that marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan for us in Manchester falled on Tuesday, the 30th of September 2008. macam jugak last year, raya tahun ni, disambut sehari lebih awal dari Malaysia. This year fortunately again for us, Tok Wan Afia celebrated Aidilfitri with us.

On Eid morning, we'd do the usual rushed tango: wake up bleary eyed from one long night of cooking, get dressed and went to catch Eid prayers. Then we'd have our raya meal - Nasi Dagang - a compulsary meal for aidilfitri especially with my mum here. Last year, our additional raya meal was Laksa Penang. We made the meal with respect to my hubby, the 'Perakian' who's middle name is 'Laksa Penang'.. . However, this year, the additional meal has changed from Laksa Penang to Laksa Kelantan. Why the change of menu? There's nothing to do with 'pilih bulu' or 'pilih kroni' BUT because our 'Raja Laksa Penang' has finally surrender on laksa, after experincing 'mabuk laksa' akibat bedal 5 pinggan laksa penang waktu berbuka, two weeks before raya

We hosted the open house on the first day of Aidilfitri. To say about it, well..the typical open house. Food come. People come. Food go. People go. From 10 am to 11 pm, the guests were in and out from the house. Tiring tapi meriah. Sangat meriah dan sangat meriah Raya pertama kami hanya sempat pergi ke 3 buah rumah sahaja. Tu pun curi-curi masa terluang. Time takda orang teringin amat nak makan soto Kamilah and Mahzan, curi ke sana sebentar. Jam 9.00 malam, lari-lari anak lak ke rumah Kak Aida and Abang Syed, lepas tu terus ke rumah our 'Tok Penghulu' Malaysian Commitee di sini, Zaini and his wife, Yan.

Dalam sibuk-sibuk layan tetamu pun, sempat jugak lah photo-taking here and there. For me, raya is not complete without photographs. I remember my childhood times,my family always 'balik kampung' to our hometown in 'Pasir Mas' Kelantan to celebrate raya with our other relatives. After eid-prayer, and eating Nasi Dagang, all of us cousins would gather together for photo-taking. We the older ones, would be the directing the younger ones on how they should pose. Our photo session could take hours . It was one of our raya event that would not be missed.

Disebabkan sibuk dengan guests, kami hanya sempat buat 'potret raya famili' with only three families - Famili Kamilah + Mahzan, Famili Yusman + Mila and Famili Mat + Intan. Memang coincidently these three families, visited kami tengah tetamu agak reda

Honestly, Raya celebration in Manchester, penuh kemeriahan.I enjoy it so very much.
Its true we missed our family back home, but its just barely misses the family, not the eid celebration there. After both of my grandparents passed away, i never go back to Kelantan anymore. Eid celebration in Petaling Jaya, it's not a fun thing. We spent most of our raya watching raya programme on TV and going out eating many food in the shopping malls. .Never visit anybody unless somebody invited to their open houses.That is KL-breed lifestyle As for my hubby, he definately has many memories of celebrating Hari Raya in his kampung. He probably misses eid celebration in Malaysia more than me . Therefore, again for me celebrating Raya in Manchester,is enjoyable and full with colours

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Yesterday, the 10th of September 2008, Afia turns 3. This year, Afia's birthdate is quite unique as it was 10.09.08. Nombor susunan menurun I cant believe how time flies. Our baby has now turned into a little girl. Macam tahun lepas gak, Afia's birthday this year falls in Ramadhan. Therefore ada lah alasan ibu tak buat party 'bombastic' untuk Afia

30 August 2008 - Stanley Park, Blackpool

Sharifah and I both have a daughter who was born in September. Dan disebabkan tahun ni, September adalah Ramadhan, we planned to celebrate their birthdays in a small celebration before their actual dates. I thought it was a great idea to celebrate their birthdays outside of Manchester as i would also like to take Afia's Tok Wan sightseeing before Ramadhan starts.

At first we planned to go to Yorkshire Dale, however, Tok Wan Afia, ternampak pulak dalam TV showing about Blackpool and its Light Festival-The Illumination. Maka Tok Wan Afia urged me to go to Blackpool instead of Yorkshire Dale. After reading of how fascinating Blackpool was in the internet, we changed our planned. The destination was the Blackpool, and luckily we managed to get an apartment.

Knowing about the trip to Blackpool and the light festival, Ita, Kak Aida and Kamilah were interested too. Therefore we invited them to join us at Blackpool to witness the festival, and furthermore, there will be an apartment for all families to 'lepak-santai' while waiting for the light to be switched-on at about 8 pm . Before day turned to night, Kak Aida has suggested for a hi-tea in Blackpool garden, The Stanley Park.Therefore, as they are 5 families altogether,Sharifah and I thought it would be a fantastic idea if we celebrated Afia's and Khadeeja's birthdays as well rather than celebrating them between our families only. The more the merrier.

Nama je 'gah' garden hi-tea Tapi kami buat cincai jer , kek pun letak atas benches sebab tak der proper table. Semua orang pun makan sambil berdiri. Yang kelakar lagi, Sharifah and I, both terlupa bawak pisau potong kek The garden was very beautiful though, full with beautiful flowers. Mmg sesuai untuk paparazzi and mamarazzi amik2 gambar

So jangan ada kecik ati , sebab Afia tak ajak gi birthday celebration. Bukan celebration sangat pun. More to celebration in the hi-tea. Kalau Afia buat birthday kat rumah yang 'bombastic' and tak jemput kawan-kawan, baru leh saman Hopefully lepas nie takder lah sesapa nak blacklisted Afia and Co ke birthday party masing2 .

10th of September 2008 -The Actual Birth Date

This year, I thought i would be a great idea for Afia to wear little mermaid custome for her birthday (Ibu dia memang bersungguh pikir nak buat apa this year, though the celebration was tiny mini ) Anyway, ingatkan, kaki Afia can be 'the kaki duyung' boleh lah jugak jadi cam Ariel the Little Mermaid , but unfortunately 'kaki duyung' tu is only attached to the dress Jadi lah pulak kaki manusia berkaki duyung di belakang

As for the food, Afia loves chocolate so much, so I thought it would be great to buy chocolate for her birthday.Therefore, i bought 3 cupcakes - for her 3 years of age, and a chocolate bear at Thortons for her to 'makan' .

Unfortunately my 'little mermaid' bad mood lak hari ni Tak mau senyum lansung. Blow candles memang tak mahu jugak Dapat lah a few photos with the custome. Can do lah

Specially here we would like to thank families in Malaysia for sending birthday cards and pressie on time. Thanks also to all of the friends yang always ingat Afia's birthday without fail and produced her with fabulous presents (you know who you are )


Lupa sukmo nak paste kan award2 yang diperolehi dari Ima, and Ita, thanks so much for giving me the award. Aci tak kalau award nie tak pass kat sapa-sapa

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Blackpool - Love At the First Sight (Part 1)

This is my story about a city which I fall in love at the very first sight - the amazing Blackpool -

Initially Sharifah and I have planned to go for a short break in York, however, we diverted our plan to go elsewhere. The new destination is Blackpool. Blackpool is just an hour drive from Manchester. A city so near yet never been listed in our cuti-cuti UK. Kenapa ek? Dunno..probably because it is too near, we took for granted and underestimated the city

Penat lah jugak jari-jemari kami men-dial nombor segala jenis penginapan di Blackpool. In a very short notice, and at the end summer, we should have guessed there will be no vacancies in any of the accomodations. However, before giving up on this vacation, i tried one last call - and YEAY, that lucky call got ourselves a self catering flat in the heart of Blackpool

A day before to Blackpool, Kak Aida has invited us for a hi-tea and picnic at one of the Park nearby, so we told her our planned to Blackpool and invited her instead to join us there. The idea has also caught interest Ita's family and Kamilah's family. They too joined us in Blackpool.As usual when many people are together, it was a very merry afternoon

Alhamdulillah self-catering flat kami sungguh cantik First to arrive in the flat are our family and Ita's. We had our lunch in the flat. Later that afternoon Sharifah arrived. At about 5.30 pm, all families,including Kamilah's and Kak Aida's joined us at Stanley Park for a hi-tea and picnic. Sharifah and I have long planned for a join birthday celebration for our daughters, Afia and Khadeeja as both girls will be having their birthdays in September and its Ramadhan.So kononnya celebration 'potong kek' diperawalkan. Kononnya lagi nak buat outdoor, dan di tempat luar dr Manchester. Mak-mak budak yang 'over' . Therefore, disebabkan dah sampai di Blackpool, dan ada pulak hi-tea and picnic, celebration pun dibuatlah sekaligus - kecil-kecilan gitu (photos will be upload in later entry)

Blackpool is a seaside town about an hour drive from Manchester. Kalau nak digambarkan Blackpool ni, adalah probably combination of Port Dickson and Genting Highlands. This city is amazingly fascinating. This is a 24 hours city - it doesnt sleep - and to find a city which doesnt 'sleep' at night in England is very very rare. Most shops in most cities in England closes at 6 pm. GOD knows how boring that phenomenon is.

But in Blackpool - bright and bustling - with non-stop fun- definately reminds me of Kuala Lumpur semua kedai masih dibuka sehingga jam lewat malam. Macam-macam jenis manusia kelihatan mundar mandir. Bingit telinga mendengar musik dari theme parks yang pelbagai di tepi-tepi jalan. I was so amazed!!No wonder it Blackpool is named 'Britain's Capital of Entertainment'.

Besides having lots of amusing theme parks along the sandy beaches, Blackpool is also a home of candies, and the most famous candies in Blackpool is named Rock. Lots of rock being sold in most shops in Blackpool . Tidak ketinggalan aktiviti di Blackpool adalah untuk mencari satu kedai gambar yang specialised in taking 'old-time photos' Hey we got to go back in time wearing 'old-time' custome .Those photos will be in a special entry .

Luckily for us also, we arrived in Blackpool in time to see BLACKPOOL ILLUMINATION. Blackpool's Illuminations are switched on annually at the start of September and continue, nightly, until 2nd of November. They're a huge show of moving, glowing tableaux, large illuminated models, laser lights and much, much more.The display stretches along Blackpool's famous seafront.This light festival is amazingly beautiful.

After strolling around the city enjoying the festival of light, Kak Aida n family together with Ita n family headed home. Kamilah n family spend another night in Blackpool, and sharifah's family and us had two nights in Blackpool. Sesungguhnya 2 malam rasanya tidak cukup untuk enjoying Blackpool. luckily the city is only near to Manchester, therefore chances to visit it again is quite possible We had a great fun in the city. Every tiny bits of it !!

Oh and to all SELAMAT MENYAMBUT RAMADHAN.Moga diberkati amal kita

Thanks to Sharifah's hubby Shahridzan and Kamilah's hubby, Mahzan for contributing some of the photos above

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