By: hazira hamzah

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Saturday, 30-Aug-2008 00:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hello Mr Thomas and Friends !!! - The JOYRIDE..Part 2

Too many photos with too many stories are not squeezeable in one entry . In this entry, i highligted about how a little girl has really JOY-RIDING. Especially Ibu dedicated the song below entry to my little Afia with smiley face all along that day .

Above photos are Afia's first CHALLENGING ride. Before, Afia used to ride, a baby ride like turning cups or flying elephant , however during this trip, we tried Afia on more advance ride We mummies planned to go on this ride with our little ones.However, tengah beratur dengan Afia yang dah nampak amat-amat excited bila ride nie berpusing-pusing , I turned cold feet . Mula lah butterfly in the stomach terbang ke sana ke mari . So apa lagi, panjat pagar, and asked hubby to replaced me and accomanied Afia. isk, ku sangka kan semangat nak naik ride nie ada kembali, rupanya, disebab kan since 2002 dah taubat nasuha after 'mabuk berabuk' naik ride kat one of the theme park, semangat tu tak muncul-muncul .So off Afia went with Papa. Look at all of these photos, she laughed and shouted all along. I was so happy looking at how brave she was

Next, Afia wanted to go on Jeremy the Aeroplane, and she enjoyed Jeremy so so much.Look at how Afia shouted with her Papa . Anak ku yang kuat semangat

Orang kata 'ke mana tumpah nya kuah kalau tidak ke nasi' - hah betul pun proverbs nie
.Look from whom Afia dapat courageos dia tu TOK WAN lah Caya lah Tok Wan berjaya naik 'Rocking Bulstrode' which turned 360 degree Tok Wan and Afia have a lion hearted lah and myself?? I've got a errrr...sang-kancil hearted kut Hubby??Oh Hubby naik yg adult punya roller coaster lah - lagi power-Gorilla-hearted kut papa Afia nie

If somebody offered me a million pound to go on the ride, i definately will go.Nak duit beb Or else, i will probably just be happy for hubby and Afia riding joyfully.

It was a wondeful feeling having to look at how happy Afia is that day joyriding and meeting Mr Thomas and friends. Haahh..anak ibu dah besar, dah dapat enjoy naik challenging ride We had superb Sunday.Till we meet again Mr Thomas, i'll cherish you in the photos!!

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Hello Mr Thomas and Friends !!! (Part 1)

Last Sunday the 24th of August we went to see Mr Thomas and friends. It was actually a last minute decision. However this '' had lead to an enjoyable day in Mr Thomas Land. Thanks to Kak Aida for letting us tagging along in this 'Rombongan Cik Kiah Ke Thomas Land' . The 'rombongan' consist of 7 families - Abg Syed And Co, Keyrol and Co,Shahridzan and Co,Mahzan And Co, Zaini and Co, Yusman and Co, and us

Our arrival were greeted with a long Q. Dari awal masuk theme park, hingga ke akhir, tak habis-habis dengan Q jer. Lemah semangat!! This is definately due to the school holidays plus the long Bank Holiday Monday. However that is, having to look at the Thomas and Friends Signage in front of the main gate, makes all heart excitedly jumping (including mama and papas lah kan.. ). As we entered the main gate and on time for lunch, we decided to tambahkan tenaga, betulkan kaki dan sejukkan hati-hati yang panas sebab Q lama, and headed for a picnic place to eat. Imagine how the food would be, contributed by 7 families . Adding to this enjoyable day was also a birthday celebration for Tihani, Yusman and Samila's little princess, who turned 3 that day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIHANI!! one of the photos above i wanted to especially named it '3 Paparazzi and 1 Papa-No-Razzi'

Basically this will be the end of the journey to Thomas Land Part 1. In Part 2, i will be telling 'cerita-ceriti' pasal how happy afia bila naik rides .

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The Things Happen In August

Fuh! Tak terkejar rasanya sekarang ni, nak update gambar-gambar yang 'beratur' nak masuk fotopages Begini lah keadaan hidup ibu, isteri dan pelajar yg berada disaat-saat kritikal pengajiannya (hampir nak masuk ICU dah ni ). Anyway, due to this circumstance, i therefore, have to 'rojakkan' cerita for this entry.


Bulan August ni, memang bulan penuh birthdays Last weekend, Afia went to two fabulous birthday bashes. The birthdays were celebrated by her friends Maisarah and Dhodi. Both parties were absolute gorgeous.Maisarah had a black forest cake full with cherries and Dhodi had a Thomas Train cake especially made by his mummy Impressive!
Thanks so much Nofri and Nizam, Ima and Taufik for inviting us! Tahun depan buat dan jemput kami lagi

Football Match and Papa

Last week also, Afia's Papa joined in Pesta Bola Merdeka. Afia was so proud that Papa's team emerged as Juara Pesta Bola Merdeka. Yeay Papa. Anyway as my camera is the ordinary digital that couldnt well-focus, most of these photos,ehsan dariKak Aida. Thanks Kak!

Hard To Say Goodbye

We didnt realise how time fly so fast and its time for Tok Ayah Afia to leave AGAIN. It has been 40 days since Abah came. My Abah has said to hubby and me when he first came " Abah tak nak rapat-rapat dengan Afia. Takut dia miss pulak kalau Abah balik". But his words has backfired This was the time when Afia was closer to her Tok Ayah the most compared to when he visited us before. It takes only a few days after abah and Mama arrived and Afia has already 'manja-manja' with both grandparents. Perhaps now, Afia dah besar and dah mula kenal her grandparents mostly through photos and telephone. All of the 40 days Tok Ayah was here, he would carried her around the house ALWAYS Following everything she wanted Totally wrap around her little fingers

I asked Abah, "What happend to what ever you said about not wanting to be rapat with Afia?" Abah will just smile and kissed Afia. Words can be said but what comes from the heart is unstoppable

One day before her Tok Ayah left, Afia woke up from her sleep and went into her grandparents' room. She never did that before. She wanted to lie down next her Tok Ayah, and just be in his arms. Suddenly looking at them, I was really close to tears. I knew that somehow Afia is trying to cover her sadness by doing that to her Tok Ayah.

Today in the airport, Afia just watched her Tok Ayah waved goodbye. Not at all one tears drop from her eyes. Later that evening while playing alone, she suddenly cried, and shouted angrily. I asked her why, but she kept on sobbing. I tried to hug her, but she refused to be hug. So i left her just by herself.

Tonight, after dinner, she was laughing and giggling when suddenly, her tears come rushing from her eyes and she cried sadly. She refused to be hugged by me, but instead wanted to go to her Tok Wan. She hugged Tok Wan so tightly. She wanted Tok Wan to carry her, just like her Tok Ayah always did I felt her sadness and her loneliness, I felt her lost

At least, luckily Tok Wan is still with us till this October. I could foresee what will eventually happens to Afia in October, and i dont want to think about it. The thing with Afia is that she is the typed of girl who keep her emotion inside, and after sometime, she will slowly let it go by crying , and this character of hers is so dramatically touching.

Looking at my parents leave ache my heart deeply, and with Afia's sadness hurt me evenmore, but this is the normal phenomenon we have to go through if we leave far from them... Auld Lang Syne Abah, InsyaALLAH we'll meet again

The song is especially for all our souls right now, after waving goodbye to Abah..

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Singlehood Days in UK (Friends-Part 2)

Lama sungguh tak update fp nie, habuk bersepah-sepah, penat sapu kerawang labah-labah Anyway, this time, Afia has to make way for ibu's entry As promised before, i will continue the second part about friends throughout my life . This entry is especially about friends whom i met when i came to UK and still SINGLE Those were the years when friends are really truly important. Imagine how lonely life can be living alone in a different part of the world with totally different culture and language spoken plus the cold grey weather that add more to the misery of life . However when i met all the friends showed below, days of thunder has turned into rainbow bright Cheers peeps!

To start of with, here's Ja and Awanis - two of my closest housemates. If that closeness can be measured from 1 to 10, i'll give it to 10. Yerp Ja, Awanis and Me shared lots of suka duka lara gembira nestapa .Adding to the lot is Syarifah. She used to be my neighbour in Old Trafford. As the postgraduates is not as many as undergraduates in Old Trafford, maka we all selalu lah turun tangga naik tangga from each other's houses . Eh pehal i look so 'gedik-gedik' ngan Mr Goofy to ek - or Sya yg control ayu? Anyway Nadia pulak - Sya's housemate and also known as 'kanak-kanak ribena' by us as she is so much younger than we are Fortunately for me, all of the 3 girls Ja, Syarifah and Awanis are still here in UK, pursuing their PhD. However all of us are mommies now .But hey, the closeness is always be part of us

Okay, next i'm telling is Gee - she is actually my first housemate when i first greeted UK Gee was an undergraduate then, she's been a superb housemate- very warm and helpful. Gee nampak pendiam tapi kecohness degree dia hebat gak Kak Lini - is like a dearly sista to me - Kak lini really take care of me like i am a very small kid. I kind of like it actually Probably because i use to be treated like that by my eldest sister back home Kak Aisyah is also my housemate - teman 'debate' no.1 Ita @ Dr Kherunita is my helium gas.. Helium is a gas that makes you laugh non-stop - and thats what will be heard whenever we were together She is definately my teman merapu - teman makan kat luar - oh yes, kami berdua nie memang kai makan kat luar, tak kira siang ker malam ker, kalau salah satu ajak, pantang salah satu lagi tolak Beb, u r one awesome 'Woh - Man' (pronounce like an african )My mum pernah kata, kalau Ita and Zie together - memang sah PhD dedua tak akan habis, sebab asyik merapu jer

And then there's Kak Lis,Kak Ina and Kak Basya - three of my friends who are like a big sister to me. They will definately pat me on my shoulder when i become ' cucco' . I truly like having many big sisters around to treat me as little kid . Eli and Kina used to be my friends since we were in UKM during our undergraduates years. We've been through a looooooooooooottttt together. The longest friendship i have without losing in touch is definately with Kina. Gosh, we've been keeping in touch and being near to each other for near 13 years now..wahhh so lama.Kina is still in Sheffield UK, pursuing her PhD, while Eli is in New Zealand doing the same degree I have lots of foreign friends, but none of them is as close to me as Federica. Federica is from Italy, and probably because her birthday is only 4 days before me, we are under the same zodiac therefore we are so compatible together

When i first met Nuyu, i never imagine to have friendship 'click' with her She is the undergraduate who became my short term housemate during summer term.Nuyu doesn't talk much to us at first, as we are a lot older than she is - takut kut..hehe. But as time went by, Nuyu jadi makin chatty and chattier The house will be dull without her around . Since then Nuyu has been a great friend and a 'little adik' to me. ;-)Lain-lain dalam gambar di atas dah di story kan. Anyway,

pesal banyak sangat gambar Ja dalam entry nie? Ja banyak posing ek? Ericsson nie pulak my close buddy gak ker? Saja nak tempek gambar ngan orang pemes .Ok jom layan the inserted song jap..

Looking at these photos, really makes me rush rush to those unforgetable years - free and free My mum always tell me that never rush into a friendship. Let it flow naturally because if we push it to hard it will break easily. Berkawan terus 'memuncak-muncak' dengan seseorang will not stand for a long time. I never really understand what she meant until i myself experience it. True friendship is never build in a second.I guess my mum must have read from these two famous people

'Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm and constant' - Aristotle

'True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation' - George Washington

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The New Look!

As the weather is getting warmer,Ibu feels that Afia should lose the sweaty locks and keep hair fresh and fun with relaxed summer hairstyle. Therefore, Afia needs to have the new look

This summer, Afia received a special hair-do from specially imported hairstylist from the tropical country, Malaysia, to make a tropical summer look . Ibu definately cannot beat this hairstylist, as ibu's hair is also being styled by this hairstylist.

This hairstylist is none other than Tok Wan Afia Check out Afia's make over. Masa 'hair-stylist' styling kan rambut Afia, Afia well-behave jer, maklum lah Ibu has told her that she will be very beautiful with the new hair

'Before-and-After' photos nie ada cam ala2 America's Next Top Model make over tak??

Nak kata looking more younger with her new hair do pun -dah mmg budak kecik, sah lah nampak young OK..erm lets make another conclusion with the new style - the hair-do still empasises feminity and Afia looking more vibrant and cooler Anyone want to try the same hair stylist as Afia's??

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