By: hazira hamzah

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Sunday, 13-Jul-2008 22:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Arrival

Last Saturday the 5th of July, Tok Wan and Tok Ayah Afia has safely arrived from Malaysia . It has been 10 months since Afia last saw them. But this time, Afia is more 'mesra-alam' with her grandparents compared to previous visits Tok Wan and Tok Ayah brought lots of goodies - especially goodies- yg directly boleh dikunyah eg : Baulu and Tempeyek - Ibu and Papa tak henti ngunyah, walaupun kekadang timbul perasaan sayang nak makan Toche! Toche!

Together with those goodies Tok Wan and Tok Ayah Afia also brought with them 'her 3 cousins' This means, they brought with them a lot of '3 cousins' recent photos and short movies. Undoubtedly, photos can tell many stories:-D .

Afia will tell more about her 3 cousins in the photos below. Though they are cousins, their faces OBVIOUSLY do not at all resemble one another Her abang Syahmi and Kak Syasya undeniably look like Chinese + Japanese .Hizqeel and Afia?? Ada cam muka bangsa lain gak ker?

Anyway,it is interesting to see all of their photos next to each other and no one can tell all four are related Its probably the same between me and my sister and brother - all three does not resemble one another I guess our children follow the same line . The song below is a song called 'Never Ending Story' somehow the lyrics reflect a bit of how never ending story Afia will be with her 3 cousins

To my dearest cousins - Especially dedicated to all of you - Luv ; A.Z.N.A.S

Turn around, look at what you see
In her face, the mirror of your dreams
Make believe i'm everywhere,
Living in the lines
Written on the pages is the answer to our never ending story

Reach the stars, fly a fantasy
Dream a dream, and what you see will be
Rhymes that keep their secrets
Will unfold behind the clouds
And there upon the rainbow is the answer to our never ending story...

Never ending story....
Show no fear, for she may fade away in your hand,
The birth of a new day lives that keep their secrets will unfold behind the clouds
and there upon the rainbow is the answer to our never ending story

Sunday, 29-Jun-2008 11:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sharing 33..(Only sharing numbers, not my birthday)

33 Vs 33 eh? One little girl of 33 months vs 33 years old lady

Differences between this two ladies? Obviously - endless lists !

One instance, skincare product as shown above - one little lady only using cheap Mothercare lotion and Baby Johnson Powder-guarantee having smooth silky skin - GOD Gift ! However the other lady - believing in using so-said good product because of the brand name (price wise - definately pricy than Baby Johnson Powder ) - BUT still wonders until now why her face is not turning as smooth as all of those skin-product models

Similarities? One of the similarities is 'Chocolate - Mania' Both ladies adores chocolate to the max. Cadbury can actually be my middle name. I just die living without chocolate. I remember a friend of mine backed in matriculation years, was so shocked when she saw my locker full with chocolate bars . Honestly i could finish half of that cadbury big bar in a day Afia is following my choco-step . However, cunningly she is, she selects to eat only Cadbury chocolate and moist chocolate cakes.

Music lover. Afia loves to boogie, and she sings endlessly at home and especially on the car Me? Uh is not complete without my compilation of songs filling the air everyday AND ...the most important similarity between us is LOVING THE SAME MAN Afia will try hard to always get in between ibu and papa She'll 'cubit' and pull ibu's hair if ibu try to get in her way. She doesnt like when ibu hugs papa Indeed, war between two women

This is the first time Afia and me sharing numbers of our age. That is why i thought it would be fabulous to do an entry on it.I cant think yet of any other coincident sharing after this. Probably there will, probably not. So this month is a little special for us

By the way,the songs below is such a beautiful songs.Its about daughter and mother.I am nearly tears hearing both songs. The lyrics are definately meaningful and touching. Am i the hero in Afia's eyes??

info penting nie..nie sajer2 buat entry 33 years old..this is not my birthday Pada sesiapa yg dh komen my birthday to..hehe..timer jer lah nak buek camno

Monday, 23-Jun-2008 15:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A Picnic In The Sun

With the days getting longer there is just so much more to do in summer. There's no better way to enjoy it than packing a picnic and chilling out with family and friends

That's what we did - a nice picnic at Tatton Park, a park about 40 minutes from home. 3 families - Ita n Co, Sya n Co and ourselves decided it would be a delightful to have a picnic while the children were out and play . The sun shone so bright but it was not as warm as people would expected, nie lah dikatakan cuaca main 'cak-cak' . It was quite chilled as the wind blew so hard - ala2 autumn gitu - why is it so eh? So so unpredictable British weather.. Anyway, we still enjoy the day..especially Afia who really loves when the wind embraced her skin- she would just shouted and shouted in happiness

Thursday, 12-Jun-2008 15:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Modern Cinderella?? (Friends-Part 1)

Have you even think that we mommies are actually like cinderella??? Glorious and dashing when we are out to work, gracefully doing what ever work we do, and when the clock ticks and its time to go back home - that elegant, dynamic woman will turn into 'the housewife' - with 'comot' as the middle name

I often miss my single days where time of leisure is anytime Well, not to say i regret being in a married life, i love being a wife and mum, is just sometime i think because i am too wrap up in being housewife+mother i have forgotten how to give time to my own self I guess, for some reason, we mommies, need to boost ourselves - go out and spend just a little time with our girlfriends - with strictly no children and men Frankly saying, kereta tanpa minyak akan KO

Therefore, on that one fine afternoon we 'The Cinders ' finally manage to find a suitable time for lunch + catching up on each others. Time like this is very precious to the people like us who can only set priority to family and schoolwork.The shoolwork factor is probably the most that contribute damage to our brain - yeah thats why some people said PhD is the abbreaviation for Permanent Head Damage -Oh yeah i totally agree . And time like this is a zero-stress for us, amazingly enjoyable

Anyway, after the afternoon both Sya and Aza has to go back to school (takut cikgu rotan ) while ita and i continued our stress free time with going to the cinema to watch the fabulous SEX IN THE CITY THE MOVIE - the movie was excellente!! Perfect closure for the series Uhh..and for those who never see SEX IN THE CITY in series before, this story is not 100% about SEX, 85% of it is actually about beautiful friendship among 4 women. Lovely stories - definately is (ramai apa, yg takut ngan citer nie, kunun cam citer blue lak.. )

Uh and talking about friends, let me say abit about my friends above - Syarifah (Sya with denim jacket) - i have met her since i first come to UK, several years ago, that was when we are still being call 'MISS' . The thing is with Sya - she seems so quiet when i first meet her, and i with my chatty self didnt know how to break the wall between us - but now we have become two non-stop chatty woman when we meet. Aza (red blouse) - is my superb 'cikgu' organic chemistry.This strong-will woman is so determine on her work, eventhough she has to be apart with her husband in Malaysia And Ita (black tudung) whom i shared interest about woman stuff(handbags, shoes, movies, travelling and the list goes on and on.. - hey susah tau nk carik yg sama interest! ) - so we click just nice

I have been meaning to do an entry on friends that i met throughout my life. I will do it, in between other entry along the way. This entry will be the first part of the many parts I love having friends all around me, therefore friends do play a major part in my life aside my family Like the saying goes ' And say my glory was I had such friends'

and girls..this song is for you people!!

Tuesday, 3-Jun-2008 20:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Its Family Day..

Saturday 31st of May saw the Family Fun Day for the Malaysian Community in Cheetham Hill, Manchester. Around 60 families attended and had a wonderful day out with the added bonus of the glorious weather – nice and cozy - neither too hot nor too cold- they couldn’t have wished for a better day!

Family day, is a yearly event brought by the commitee members in the Malaysian Community Of Cheetham Hill (MCCH). Most Malaysian that lived in Cheetham Hill are postgraduates students and their families. If i'm not mistaken there are about 90 families lived in this area Itu belum lagi termasuk undergraduates whom usually lives in the area nearby to the university

As the Malaysian community in Manchester is very big, family day is one of the event to bridge the gap between the families - to celebrate the bond of togetherness

As previous years, kalau family day, papa Afia memang banyak masuk 'sukaneka' compares to Ibu Afia yang sebenarnya ala-ala kurengggg kalu bab-bab sukan ni. Honestly, kalau sukan tu semudah bawak bola dalam sudu, or lari dalam guni pun, I would just think several times before signing up to it Sport is just not my cup of tea .It does not rhyme with me

Little Afia pun excited habis dapat main-main in the lovely weather. However, Afia tak join mana-mana sukaneka. actually ada one acara for children below 4 - 'Acara Memakai Baju Sendiri' - tapi i dont think Afia would qualified in the game because she still wants her Ibu to dress her Lagipun time game tu started, Ibu was busy chit chatting, and papa was no where to be seen

The highlight of OUR day, was when our number 156, emerged to be a no.2 winner in the lucky draw - hadiah boleh tahan besar dan berat (slow cooker, you ) The event ends at about 2pm after a very heavy lunch - nasi + kari kambing (aqiqah) + ayam goreng It is definately a delightful day- most faces looks cheerful and merry - and all in the name of fun for the whole family.

“Are we going to have another day like this again next year?”

**Many thanks to kayrol,Ita's hubby and Shahridzan,Sya's hubby for becoming 'papa-razzi' thus snapping some of the lovely photos above with the 'canggih' camera .

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