By: hazira hamzah

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Wednesday, 21-May-2008 00:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Good Morning My Little SunShine!!

Its only 6.30 am and Afia has opened her eyes!!! Usually she wakes up around 8.00am. Acoo...mata ibu ngantuk sangat lagi, kunci jam pukul 7.30 am . Presently subuh prayer starts at 3.20am and ends at 5.00 am. So thats the reason, kul 7.30 am baru nak bangun Qada' tido lepas bangun kul 4.00 tadi for subuh, the sun rise at 5.00 am, and set at 9.30 pm.. ..and its only the beginning of summer

I can say that Afia is a 'morning person'. Why? Because she is not at all GRUMPY when she wakes up . Every morning as soon as she opens her eyes, she will give me her brightest smile and looking at that smile my heart feels sooooooo relief as she is in good health. Ohh..why do i correlate her smile with her health? Because if she's SICK, she will wake up miserably crying + grumpy + all of the bad expressions

Afia sleeps in between us at night and on her own bed during her nap in the afternoon. Anyway, at night, if we put her on her own bed, she would end up waking up in the middle of the night and cry tearfully. So, we decided that she will be in our bed at night.

Three in a bed, three's a crowd??? Well - honestly lack of space- YES. But i still love her presence on our bed i love hugging her while she is asleep. I just couldnt imagine now sleeping without her by myside

I love looking at her 'mengerbang' hair in the morning .I think she look so 'busyuk' in the morning yet tempted to be kissed So i love kissing + squeezing + tickling her non-stop in the morning

Afia usually has her own lazy-geliat time on the bed around 30 minutes after waking up before going to the toilet and get ready for breakfast. Ibu pun tumpang sekali lazy-lazy-and sambung geliat-menggeliat However, kalu hari gi nursery, things has to be quick so no-lazy-geliat time

Bila 'engine' dah panas - mula lah dia being cheeky 'Kepak-Kepuk' main duck lah, fly birdie lah, jumping around the bed lah Habis lah duvet papa Afia tarik Kalau ibu pura-pura tido, habis lah Ibu kena lenyek Tak pun, mata ibu kena korek

Just like her name ZIA which means ' the light' - indeed she brings beautiful light to our lives. The beginning of the day, she has already makes us smile and give us happiness and joy. That's our ZIA- We love you, cheeky!! You make our day

Wednesday, 7-May-2008 14:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Spring Again!

When i was in Malaysia, i never actually take notice of how the day will look like in terms of weather. Not to say that i didn't appreciate the weather, but because it is so the same throughout my life there (hot + warm) , the significant is quite small

BUT, in UK, it is so totally a different story. Leaving under an unpredicitable weather everyday, it will automatically become one of the most talked topic. I can imagine now why MAT SALLEH adore the sun very much If you are in the country where nearly 85% percent of your life throughout the year covered in 2-3 layers of clothes ,the sun will be appreciated These past few days, the temperature is so lovely, it has warmed up to about between 21C - 24C . Plus that daytime now is longer where the sun set is about 9.00 pm . What more can put the smile on the face?

When yellow bright daffodils grow everywhere eyes can see, and the trees blossoms in pink and white, we know that the spring has arrived. Although this year, daffodils came together with the snow, eventually the real spring arrives !

Last year, i remembered of 'hunting daffodils' in the park. I wanted so much to capture beautiful yellow daffodils dancing in the wind.The 'daffodil hunting' was successful, when we found a garden of daffodils in Heaton Park,We shot nice photos with Afia playing gracefully with the flowers. This year,the fascination on daffodils has dimmed a little, instead i become interested in capturing the pink flowers on the tree. I have always adore the pink flowers. Somehow i have this funny imagination of myself being showered by pink petals under that tree - alaa..macam citer jepun tuh - bila bunga sakura berguguran

So the hunt for the pink flowers began . Two families - Sharifah's and mine went to the park nearby to the university area, where there are many lovely pink flowers on the tress. Local people call it 'the cherry blossom'. and in Japan they call it SAKURA. These flowers have a short lifespan, same as the daffodils, therefore, make sure you dont dally to take photos of these lovely nature's creation. As the flowers are quite high on the trees, we have to 'dukung' Afia for the photos.We enjoyed the 'hunt' so much, though our two little girls did not pose much with the flowers.Next time, maybe if we are still in the mood of 'spring hunting' we may hunt for a park with lots of beautiful spring flowers - just maybe

Thursday, 1-May-2008 09:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hangin' Tough!!

Doing this entry somehow makes my head echoing NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK song -Hangin' Tough

Who are they..? They are one of the famous band back in the late 80s.Those who were in their teen years then would definately know this band. I was 13 and 14 when i was dancing and echoing most days to their songs . Let me take you to that memory lane by enjoying this clip

Hahaha..hangin tough babes! Teen years..that was the time where 'worry' is not in my vocabulary, the time where important things on the mind are friends,..more friends, tea party and dancing, secret admirers , <------- this behaviour school??? ..Those were the days... take me back to that time...

[color=red]Somehow, all of us went through teenage years and emerging into what we are now. I'm sure we may use the phrase 'hangin tough' back then, but perhaps in not a rightful situation - more as a 'slang' -'hanging tough babes! be cool dude! ..

...but now if i whisper to myself or to Afia when she's asleep..that phrase really mean what it meant - 'hangin' tough and be brave'

Tuesday, 15-Apr-2008 20:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Once A Year..

I wonder if someone's birthdate suddenly vanish from the calendar, would it be devastating? . If you don't mind that happens, then its true that you do not care about birthday,but if you do mind, that makes birthday is actually a big deal to you

We tend to be more 'control-macho' as the numbers of the age becomes bigger We say birthday is a-no-big-deal thingy But surely, deep inside, you celebrate the day in your own way I always cherish 15th of April - it is the day where i exist in this world. It is my special day. When i was a little girl to probably till my 20s, i always wait for the day with pounding heart anxiously for presents and surprises from family and friends. However as i reach my mid 20s, i cherish the day reflecting on the past years at the things that i have accomplished and looked forward to all that maybe waiting in the year ahead (and to wait and see who among the people that still remembers my birthday..hehehe)

After i knew hubby, who's birthday just a day before mine which makes him a year and a day older than me we always celebrates our day together. Takkan ada antara kami yang lupa each other's birthday Some people wonder, are we mirrored each other's behaviour as the birthdate is near well.. that's for us to know and for you to find out Anyway, this year prior to our birthdays, on the 13th, we went to dine at a HALAL restaurant called RICE. Mr April la kena belanja They served chinese-malaysian-jamaican mix food - and i love it Anything with chinese food element, would definately get in my good book

On the 14th, i cooked for hubby,pulut kuning,rendang ayam and telur dadar. However motivated and easy people said about cake baking, i am so not into it. Its just so so lazy to even think of it. 'Pulut Kuning' is tradionally a dish by my family on birthdays. Therefore i think its good for me to carry out that tradition Last year i served it with chicken curry, still think making 'rendang' is a big deal. This year-dengan semangat kental rendang ayam pun dimasak Jeng!Jeng Rendang Ayam successfully cooked!
Its the best present i have ever given to myself for my birthday

In addition to this birthday entry, our little girl has also reach 31 Months this month (sure punyer nak enterframe gak entry ibu and papa dia ) Sudah besar anakku kalau ibu dukung, kaki Afia dah sampai lutut ibu . 31 Months little girl who is so 'manja' lentuk-lentuk ..and new facelook- kerut muka cam dalam gambar tuh - kalau marah ibu or papa, kerut muka, kerut muka..

Last but not least really thank you to families who sent us cards,friends who wishes us birthdays, and also to Zully-yg buat dedication lak kat myself in her fp-and to Zully's son alias my twin kecik-Hariz, Happy Birthday Handsome!!!

Monday, 7-Apr-2008 00:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
'Red Devil' Stadium Visited

'Red Devil's' stadium is re-visited by us for GOD knows how many times

And..we often made the visit with our visitors. This time, our visitors are lucky as the wall in the souvenier room which is alternately changed with different pictures of Man U, was yesterday wall-papered with Man U team . They were printed enormous. Sungguh lawa dan memikat hati.Queued with people busy snapping photos at the wall . Compared to all wallpapers i have seen, this is definately the BEST!!

Apalagi 'tuan rumah' pun sibuk 'enterframe' As told earlier, all of our photos taken in the stadium were taken with our visitors . Like 'Rombongan Cik Kiah Ke Sukan Komanwel'- this will be - 'Bawa Rombongan Cik Zie Ke Stadium Man U'

Last weekend it was Marina and the family from 'the Medieval Warwick'. Marina arrived last September in Warwick to pursue her PhD. Marina and her hubby were my juniors back then in UKM, but we were closer, as Marina and i had the same co-supervisor during our MSc.

However lawa wall-paper and regardless penat 'sengih' ibu and papa Afia, hati tak la 100% satisfied, as our little missy wouldn't tolerate even a bit. She insist not to pose, and not to even look at the camera - sungguh kelakar at the last photo- Afia rolled her eyes- acooooo- anak ku ini Anyway, as years comes by, it is definately more merrier in UK as more and more my friends come to pursue their studies - yang pasti - tempat persinggahan ronda-ronda ada di merata UK .

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