By: hazira hamzah

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Tuesday, 1-Apr-2008 14:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
When The Clock Moves Forward...

At 1.00 am GMT on Sunday 30 March 2008 the clocks has moved forward by an hour from Greenwich Mean Time to British Summer Time (BST). BST will be commencing starting at that date until the last Sunday in October . For this reason, these few days, i am feeling a bit 'confuse dot bengong'. Well it is always like this, everytime the time changes from SUMMER TIME to WINTER TIME or vice versa - nak tune kepala manyak susah, wake up at 8.00 am terkejut gila, yer lah baru last 2 days, that same time was actually 7.00 am jer tau!!

The sun is showing off its lights now - the last entry i did was on the snow that came to visit us, this week, the temperature warms up, mark that probably spring is around the corner - this is British Weather- so whenever somebody calls you a 'british weather' - you know damn well what he or she means !! You must be a truly unstable-unpredictable-mood swing person

As i mentioned in the photos, last weekend we went to visit Kina and Family at Sheffield. we had a terrific time-leisure'an' at kina's- apart from when little miss Afia 'membuat perangai comel-lote' nya with mogok-nangis the Saturday that we arrived. Afia refused to eat anything, refused to take a bath, and keep pulling our hands to go home ..Huh, my 30 months with her ever-so 'awesome perangai' On Sunday when she woke up, she was smiling all the way and having 360 degrees behaviour from the previous day.She was smiley, cheerful and playing along with her 'Abang Hadi' - Kina's son. Afia the 'British Weather'???

Uhh- and another credit in Sheffield- we got to 'mengurut' on the new massage chair in Kina's house - adushhhh semua urat ku diurut-urut-dibetul-betul-selesa bangattttttt. Masih terasa urut-urutan kerusi enak ituh!!!

Talk about time movement - time has actually witness my long friendship with Kina. It started in 1995 when we were first year in UKM. That was the time when anybody who saw kina without me, would definately have the 'soalan cepu mas' - "Kina, mana Zie?", and the same if myself without Kina, "Zie, Kina takder??".Even our lecturers used to tease us about how they have to give us same marks in the exams, afraid that if we would be unsatisfied if one have different mark than others - huh, as if!! Cheeky lecturers

Tuesday, 25-Mar-2008 22:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
White Blanket And Daffodils

Traditionally, daffodils are regarded as harbinger of spring. Present-day bulbs of daffodils are bursting everywhere eyes can see. BUT can we actually give up totally on winter weather? Nope, not necessarily.

We are actually in the early spring- daffodils and cherry blossoms have beautifully come out. However on Saturday the 22nd, 'hujan batu' or' hujan ais' poured so heavy.At that time i was about to cross the road on my way to buy some meat. As the wind was strong and 'hujan batu' was pouring non-stop, i only managed to cross half of the busy road, and got stuck right in the middle of it. Momentarily i was static there ,holding my head for being non-stop hit by 'hujan batu' that was madly pouring. It was OUCHHHH !!!! Honestly i think whoever comes up with the old saying ''Hujan Emas Negeri Orang, Hujan Batu Negeri Sendiri, Lebih Baik Negeri Sendiri ' probably never experience 'hujan batu' before because if he does - i am certainly sure he will use a different types of 'hujan'

We would never imagined it would be snowy though the tempereture was rather cold. However, when i woke up Sunday the 23rd, and look out from the window- the land was full covered with white blanket. It was so lucky for Awanis and family our friend from London who come for a visit in Manchester.Awanis's hubby never experience snow before.Opportunity ni memang sungguh bagus lah. Beria dapat posing dengan snow

Variations in early spring weather are relatively common in UK.Conditions can vary back and forth from very cold to warm. It's literally as if the atmosphere can't make up its mind between winter or spring. The next cold morning the 24th Monday, our family and Sharifah's Family, decided to keep hunting for snow near Glossop in Derbyshire. It was oly 30 minutes drive there. Glossop is a small valley at the edge of Peak District.It is surrounded with hills and known as 'kawasan tadahan snow'

Some friends who went to Glossop on Sunday, claimed Glossop was 'all white' When we went- there is still left-over snow from yeterday, the hills looks no more fully white-there's patches of melting snow everywhere, nevertheless, when photographed, the photos are still remarkably satisfying .

This is all HIS Work - we know when HE say KUN FA YA KUN - impossible will be possible, unusual will be usual . Snow can come in Spring

Here, last friday the christians celebrate their Good Friday-the day their Jesus was crucified, and for us Muslims, it was Maulidur Rasul- the day Prophet Muhammad s.a.w was born

Wednesday, 19-Mar-2008 07:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Ceremony

It has been 3 months - as written on the Yasin- since the ceremony. 'Basi' event? However, as i have just gotten the full CD showing the events' photos from a Fizah's hubby-Din who has just come back from KL, and mum has passed several things to him including the photo CD, the entry could only be created. My brother had emailed me few photos right after the event, but i thought of waiting for the full CD and look at every single photos, besides, it was also Afia's Doa Selamat Ceremony - and it was not satisfying to look only at several photos, i need each single photos taken, therefore i could feel the feeling of being there

Originally plan was only 'Majlis Bercukur' for our new member's of the family - baby Hizqeel, but mama thought it would be even blessed if it was done together with 'Majlis Doa Selamat' - and she wanted to specially dedicated the holly ceremony to all four of her grandchildren. She told me on the phone that she had specially printed names of all her grandchildren on the Yasin - however, only after i saw the yasin's photo in zubye's blogspot (as she is our official photographer for the day) suddenly melancholy swept upon me

Definately the sense of melancholy will swept upon anybody who hasn't return HOME for almost 4 years Afia is not seen by majority of my family aside from my parents. Zubye told me that there were lots of photo frames of Afias' in many corners of the house. Perhaps as Afia is the furthest in distance compares to other grandchildren, her photos are the nearest to Afia that mama and abah could daily look at. Old saying goes ' photos speak thousand words' - but to mama and abah our photos must have said trillion times more

Regardlessly,mama loves displaying photo frames of the family in the house - photographs are always be top on her priority - it probably runs in the blood - as my house currently also full with photo frames too .

The way i remembered my house interiorly is not as photographed. Mama must have make a lot of changes within 4 years. She does interior changes almost every year - it is one of her hobby to decorate the house The way i remembered both of my sister's children arent the same either - i left both of them when there still each 2 and 4 - in my mind they are still that pre-schooler i left - and looking at these pictures of how 'abang' Syahmi is, and how Syasya has become a pretty young lady - phewww- it is that long huh? And when i left home - the name of Hizqeel is not even in anyone's vocabulary - but now look at him - cheeky 7 months who occupy the house with many of his rattles and rhymes.

When you are far from home - moments like those are mostly missed and can never be rewind.

Monday, 3-Mar-2008 19:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mother's Day

2nd of March 2008 is the celebration of Mother's Day in UK- the day to put yorr feet up, hang the apron and be like our 'husbands'.. (surely these statements only exist in our dream ). The celebration of Mother's Day varies in different country.Last Sunday it is the celebration in UK and if i'm not mistaken- Malaysia usually celebrates it in May.

Mother's Day this year is full with excitement as i received my first Mother's Day Card from my little angel Obviously she did not write the wishes by herself and has been helped by her keyworker - however Afia did the painting by herself- an 'artistic' painting - and later the painting is being cut and shaped into flower and being pasted on a coloured paper to bring it into a card and WALLA - the card is ready for me..

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world - is the hand that made 'you and me' - blessings on the hand of women - This is actually a poem dedicated to motherhood as the outstanding force for change in the world - So mommies do you all feel good about yourselve by reading this quote? - very influencial eh?

Here's a few quotes about moms to laugh at - our children laugh a lot in a day- we should probably try to copy their enthuisiasm and get at least few laughs a day too

"A mother who is really a mother is never free.” - ( i am already in this category )

"The phrase "working mother" is redundant" - (Ohhh ho ho - it is so so so true )

"When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.”

"There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it.”

"Any mother could perform the jobs of several air-traffic controllers with ease."

"Only mothers can think of the future - because they give birth to it in their children."

To all UK Mommies - hope all have a terrific mommy day !!

Thursday, 28-Feb-2008 01:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Fun Play and Learn at Nursery

I dont believe how time flies, and in less then two weeks Afia will turn 30 months My little girl is about to leave her toddlerhood and will soon enter her pre-schooler zone

Afia has been enrolled in a nursery / pre-school near my house. It is only twice a week- Thursday and Friday for only 2 1/2 hours- from 9.30-12.00am. We still have to pay for her nursery as free education in UK is only entitled for every 3 and 4 year old child. Education at these age is an option and majority of the parents here do take this option. The free education for this group of age should be for at least two and a half hours a day, for five days a week during normal term times. Full-time education is only compulsory from age 5.

As Afia only sees our faces 24-7 without any interference of other close relatives - she has become too clingy. We can hardly leave her with other person besides both of us - she will get weepy - she is not being friendly with other people. So, we thought it is probably a good idea to try and send her to nursery for some social development exposure

The first few sessions - Afia was being weepy and reluctant to be left at nursery. However, after Afia has been assigned with a keyworker - Afia gradually form a bond with her and become more ease at nursery. A keyworker is a member of staff who will be responsible to certain child for the initial settling-in period, The key-worker will also be responsible for keeping a developmental record and writing out your child's weekly report. However, the key-worker does not have sole charge of your child throughout the day. In the photo above showed how relaxed and comfortable Afia is with her keyworker- Jane- during their cuddle time

Surprisingly after three months at nursery, Afia has reformed her ways. She behaves more friendly and less frightened with our friends. She is more interested in playing with other children, more focus and more enggage with her toys and play activities (She's done lots of MORE ..hehehe)

I guess she really enjoy her time at nursery - especially when they let her make all of those messy paintings Wondering of what Afia is doing at nursery, i have enquired her keyworker to snap some photos of her and her activity during her session - Mak memang terlebih-lebih excited - sumer mende memang nak capture -if possible every tiny little bits-tak mo miss -this is what people called obsession with yr first born I wonder would i do the same with my next child - if there is any

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